All humans are cells in the immense body of the Creator

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Always remember that all the creatures that you see around you are really part of you. Yes, when you tread the path of true initiatic philosophy you begin to realize that all creatures are one. In reality there is only one being: the Creator. All creatures are simply the cells of his immense body; cells [...]

The symphony of the universe

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"Humanity is like one great orchestra. Each individual represents an instrument - clarinet, cello, trumpet, violin, piano, guitar, and so on. And the divine life which flows in every living creature, breathes into these instruments or touches their strings. Each individual creature produces a specific note and Cosmic Intelligence has tuned and harmonized all these [...]

Easter blessings – A new life awaits us

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We send Easter blessings to our dear friends around the world. May the good Lord keep you, your family and friends safe in the weeks and months to come. From the Journey with Omraam Team, John, Valerie and Alvaro 'The image of the open tomb from which the risen Christ emerges, is a universal symbol; [...]

Combating the virus

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Nowadays the spirit of anarchy is deliberately cultivated and nurtured all over the world. It is almost as though there were schools in which people learned how to disrupt society by inciting others to anger and a spirit of revolt. The forces of darkness are at work, it is they that are responsible for this [...]

Prevention of disease

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A few moments ago, as I was eating some almonds, I thought what a good idea it would be to plant a whole orchard of almond trees here, at the Bonfin.  In the first place, the soil is ideal because almond trees can grow in arid ground; they don't need much water but, more importantly, [...]

Assurance of God’s Protection, Psalm 91

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In circumstances like the present, the Master encouraged his followers to say prayers like this one, on your own or together. May the angels watch over you, stay safe, The Journey with Omraam Team Psalm 91 Assurance of God’s Protection 1 You who live in the shelter of the Most High,     who abide in the shadow [...]

The New Year – preparing the inner soil

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'The Cabbalah tells us that the new year is influenced by the stars. The birth of a new year is like the birth of a child: it is the beginning of a life that will last just twelve months. When a child is born one can draw up a horoscope based on the date and [...]