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It is time for women to assume their true role

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If initiates teach that the place of the masculine principle is before that of the feminine principle, it is not because they think that the masculine principle is more important than the feminine principle, but because they bow to cosmic symbolism. Symbolically, the masculine principle represents the spirit and the feminine principle matter. The spirit [...]

Men and women – fertilising the Universal Soul, Part 2/2

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When the disciple’s soul has become as lovely as a young princess adorned with pearls and precious stones, then the cosmic Spirit will come to it to fertilize it. When this union takes place the disciple feels that, for the first time, something truly beautiful, something immense and grand has come into their life; they [...]

Mothers can work great miracles

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'A child's nature and character are determined before they are born' 'At the present time most women are completely unaware of the influence they have on the child before birth. They have no idea that their thoughts and feelings affect the baby they are carrying, they think they can lead any kind of life they please [...]

The true purpose of womanhood

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- Nature has given women tremendous power Women were often held back in their evolution by the conditions imposed upon them. What gave men the right to be cruel and selfish, so unfair, what made them think they could exploit women and push them into the background without eventual retaliation? The time has now come [...]

Women’s role in the coming age

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‘Sensing all the dangers that threaten the future of humanity, many people say that their greatest concern is to work for future generations. If they really want to work for the generations to come, they should first of all think about how they bring children into the world.  That is much more important than concerning [...]

Women are the mothers of the kingdom of God 

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"How is a child formed in its mother’s womb? The father provides the seed, and for nine months she enfolds it in matter, giving it a body. It is the same on the spiritual plane. A Master, an initiate, can give a seed, a sublime idea, and for this idea to be incarnated he will [...]

Children – and the memory of a distant past

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"Children bring with them memories of distant times when humans saw nature as a living organism with which they were in connection constantly. In some this memory remains, but it fades as they grow older because of the materialistic education they receive. Yet these were traces of a past recorded in their soul, and it [...]