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Easter blessings – A new life awaits us

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We send Easter blessings to our dear friends around the world. May the good Lord keep you, your family and friends safe in the weeks and months to come. From the Journey with Omraam Team, John, Valerie and Alvaro 'The image of the open tomb from which the risen Christ emerges, is a universal symbol; [...]

Exercises to create Inner Harmony

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People usually associate the idea of gymnastics with keeping their body in good shape and developing muscles, when for good health and energy it is principally the nervous system that needs to be supported, strengthened and stimulated. Athletes can have very strong muscles, but if their nervous system is weak and exhausted they will not [...]

Exercises to capture spiritual energies

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The gymnastic exercises we do each morning are a means of capturing the spiritual energies passing through space, through the atmosphere, and allowing them circulate within ourselves. As analogies, we dig ditches and furrows to channel water, and we install electrical circuits to light our houses. To be able to receive spiritual energies and make [...]

Practices – Gratitude is a secret force

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Thank you dear friends for responding to our request for feedback, and for all your good wishes. It is a joy for us to hear that you enjoy reading the Master's teaching! We had a number of requests for methods and practices, which the Master always recommended should be a part of our daily lives. [...]

Don’t look for proof of invisible beings before starting on the spiritual path

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Many people today feel the need for some practical methods that will help them to grow spiritually. From the thousands of lectures given by the Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov we are fortunate to have many simple and effective, spiritual exercises. Some concern our everyday life: nutrition, breathing, inner harmony, health, and our relationships with nature and [...]

The moral qualities we should admire

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'The rich, the erudite, the highly successful who hold a public role in society: these are the people you tend to notice and appreciate. And when you meet people who exhibit great moral qualities such as selflessness, generosity, tolerance and goodness, you fail to appreciate them, or indeed you do not even notice them. But [...]

Practices – Preparing for sleep, Part 5/5

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– The importance of the last waking moment Each morning is linked to the evening before, and each evening is linked to the morning that follows, and both must be prepared in advance. It is very important not to go to bed in the evening without preparation, for during the night, you will journey into [...]

Practices – Starting the day, Part 4/5

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Before embarking on the activities of the day, sit down quietly and allow peace to flood into you. Establish a harmonious contact with the whole universe and with God your creator, and consecrate your day to him. Here is an exercise you can do every morning: Raise your right arm, your hand outstretched, and imagine [...]

Practices – Morning, Part 3/5

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– Prayer on awakening When you wake up in the morning, the very first thing you must do, before anything else, is to give thanks to the Lord. The first words to pass your lips should be: ‘Thank you, Lord, for giving me life and health. Fill my heart with love, and give me the [...]

Practices – concentrate on 4 or 5, Part 2/5

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–Concentrate on just a few methods, and practice them in depth ‘It will help you to understand my role as a teacher and educator if I compare myself to a rich man who invites many friends to a banquet. I want to be sure that all my guests have what they need, so I put [...]