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Easter, a Time of Renewal

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Wishing our readers every blessing this Easter, and may it be a time for renewal for all of us. With our warmest wishes, The Journey with Omraam Team. 'It is such a pity that at Easter each year everything renews itself, except human beings. This renewal takes place only in nature, and human beings are so [...]

On 22 September, Archangel Michael presides over the Autumn Equinox

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'On 22 September (Michaelmas, the Autumn Equinox) the sun inaugurates a new cycle as it enters Libra. Fruit and nuts fall from the trees and decompose, leaving their empty husks on the ground; grains are sorted and consumed or stored in granaries before being sown to ensure a new cycle of growth. But this process [...]

The sun is my teacher, Part 2/3

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The sun is the most extraordinary being in the whole of our solar system - Believe me, there is no greater happiness than the happiness of the sun. Without worrying about whether anyone benefits from its gifts or not, it continues to give. Such an attitude is unheard of amongst human beings. As soon as [...]

Stirring the ocean of spirituality, Part 1/3

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'My dear brothers and sisters, I can understand that, when you are at home, you have no time to meditate in the morning, because you have to rush off to work. But that is not the case here at The Bonfin; you are not in a hurry, you have every opportunity you need, so make [...]

The most important period of the year

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Wishing our dear friends around the world every blessing this Easter Sunday. Sent from the Easter congress at the Bonfin on a beautiful sunny spring morning in the south of France, From the Journey with Omraam team. 'The notion of resurrection is necessarily linked to that of death and disintegration. As long as the seed refuses to die [...]

The Rose Cross, symbol of the heart chakra in full bloom

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When the spirit enters a human body it takes up a cross, the cross of matter, the synthesis of the four elements. There is not much point in wearing crosses round our necks or putting up crosses in churches and cemeteries if we fail to understand that it is humans themselves who are the cross. [...]

Many advanced spirits have forgotten their divine origins, Part 3/3

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Those who choose will receive the knowledge and light to show the way Of course, if we want to contribute to bringing about this glorious future we are going to need a certain amount of knowledge. But light will be given to us. All creatures will be taught what they need to know, and each one [...]

Rebuild our Spiritual Body and Return to Paradise, Part 2/3

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All religions have this tradition of the Fall of Man- The story of Adam and Eve is re-enacted in every man and every woman who severs their link with God. The secret of true life is this link with God; this is what holds the edifice together. In order to become truly constructive, the positive [...]

Our Higher Self dwells in the sun, Part 2/5

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Taj Mahal sunrise, India Moving from consciousness to superconsciousness- When someone begins to study in the divine school of the Brotherhood, they gradually move out of the limited field of a purely sensorial and physical consciousness, to the higher regions of superconsciousness. And this immense region of superconsciousness has thousands of different levels through which they [...]