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We wish you a very warm welcome to our on-line community!

This website is dedicated to the teaching of the Spiritual Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov and has been created in accordance with his last request;

“If only you knew the number of loving thoughts I receive from everyone… Tell the brothers and sisters that I will always be with them, that they should preserve harmony and unity, and continue to spread the teaching throughout the whole world”

Some notes about the content and conventions used:

  • The posts are extracts of his lectures, free of any interpretation.
  • The Master’s words are in single quotation marks, with double quotation marks for quotes within quotes.
  • References are provided to the book, published by Editions Prosveta S. A., in which the transcript of the lecture can be found.
  • The extracts of the lectures are published with the consent of the publisher and copyright holder, Editions Prosveta S. A.

The aims of this website are to:

  • Share the Master’s teaching in English, based on a faithful translation of the original lectures in French.
  • Provide free access to all, via the Internet, including via mobile phones and tablets.
  • Build a worldwide community dedicated to the Master’s ideals of harmony, unity and brotherhood, with social media options for followers to meet and exchange ideas.
  • Help followers prepare for a visit to a Brotherhood Teaching Centre.
  • Provide a directory of the worldwide organisation with a timetable of conferences and events.

The site is maintained through the voluntary effort of followers, and in keeping with his principles, services are provided free of charge.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions, as well as offers of support and assistance, via the Contact Form.

We hope you enjoy your journey with us.
With our warmest fraternal wishes,
The Journey with Omraam Team