Begin by meditating on something that gives you pleasure

‘If you want to do your work every day without tiring; if you want to be active, dynamic, ready and willing to undertake important work every day, you must learn how to use your brain correctly. This is very important.

Begin work quietly and gently

From now on, therefore, if you want to keep up your spiritual activities over time, you must be very careful about this: never rush at a subject of meditation all at once. Even if it is something very dear to your heart, a subject you are very attached to, don’t rush at it, otherwise there will be a violent reaction. Begin work quietly and gently, therefore. Immerse yourself in the ocean of cosmic harmony and draw strength from it, and when you feel that your energies have been renewed, you can go ahead with your spiritual work and put your whole being into it.

Pay attention to your breathing

During the first few minutes, therefore, try not to think. Simply glance into yourself to see that everything is functioning smoothly and pay attention, only, to your breathing. Breathe regularly, don’t think, allow yourself simply to feel, to be aware that you are breathing. You will notice that your regular breathing induces a harmonious rhythm in your thoughts and feelings and in your whole body, and this is very beneficial. Obviously, one has to begin by meditating on subjects that are not too remote or difficult. Human beings are made in such a way that it is not natural to them to exist in an abstract environment. They need to hang on to things that are visible and tangible, to things that are close to them and that they love.

Begin by meditating on something that gives you pleasure

So begin by meditating on something that gives you pleasure, something you enjoy. Later, you can go on to other things, but begin with something you really like, something that attracts you (of course it must be something spiritual, not just anything). In this way, by beginning with subjects that are already congenial to you, you will develop your own means and methods of work and, later on, you can leave these subjects and fly higher, to more distant, more abstract regions.

There is a great deal more that could be said about this, but that is enough for today. It is essential that you understand the importance of meditation and, above all, that you understand that, if your meditations are to bear fruit, you must watch over your thoughts, feelings and actions, in other words, over your whole way of life.’

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

Izvor Book 224 – The Powers of Thought
Chapter 11, The Foundations of Meditation

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