Human beings are cells in the immense body of the creator

‘Always remember that all the creatures that you see around you are really part of you. Yes, when you tread the path of true initiatic philosophy you begin to realize that all creatures are one.

In reality there is only one being: the Creator. All creatures are simply the cells of his immense body; cells that are one in everything except their consciousness. Imagine what it would be like if every cell in your body had an individual consciousness.

Like the cells in the body of a human being who nourishes them all
Naturally, the cells of the feet, the liver, the spleen, and so on, would feel different and apart from each other because their functions are different (the heart has one function, the liver another, and so on), and they would either collaborate or conflict with each other. Yes, but if they reached a higher degree of consciousness they would realize that they are all an integral part of one human being who embraces and nourishes them all.

Well, we must follow the same reasoning. We must remind ourselves that all the individuals on earth—be they Japanese, Chinese, Turkish, Russian, French or German—are the cells of a single collective being. If their attitude and behaviour do not seem to conform to this reality it is because their consciousness has sunk so low that they are not capable of seeing themselves as the cells of a whole.

We should see that the whole of humanity is one single being
But once one becomes conscious of being a single cell and feels oneself bound to all the other cells that go to make up the supreme being, God himself, one sees that the whole of humanity is one single being. Once you reach this point you will feel so much love, pity and consideration for others that you will really and truly fulfil the formula, ‘I am That.’

Until human beings have reached this degree of consciousness they will always want to annihilate others; there can be no real change, only a constant inflation of their personality.

I assure you, true change will only come about through this consciousness of unity. We do not exist as separate individuals; each one of us is a cell in an immense organism, and our consciousness must melt into the universal consciousness that embraces the totality of man, cosmic man. This alone represents true progress, true evolution.’

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

Complete Works Vol. 26, A New Dawn: Society and Politics in the Light of Initiatic Science

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