Esoteric Science is only a useful interest when…

Many people are interested in esoteric science without being ready for it! By using quotes taken from here and there in books which they do not really understand, they are proud to present themselves as astrologers, alchemists, magicians, Kabbalists… But poor things, they do not realize that their lives and their entire beings are just a shambles and have nothing to do with astrology, alchemy, magic or true Kabbalah. It would be preferable to leave all these sciences alone! It is in everyday life that we must first show that we know something.

By reading books, of course, we always come to acquire knowledge, and even become very learned. But this is not true knowledge. True knowledge is the ability to master ourselves, to free ourselves from our weaknesses, to no longer be the continual prey to internal wrangling. He who possesses true knowledge seeks to manifest everywhere as a luminous and beneficial presence. And it is only at this point that the study of esoteric sciences really has something to contribute.

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