Giving and taking – each of these words summarizes a …

Giving and taking: each of these words summarizes a particular view of life. And it can be said that materially, emotionally and mentally, most human beings think primarily of taking. They are really only interested in situations, events and people insofar as they have something to gain from them. It should not surprise us therefore that there is still so much war and misery in the world.

If you want your passage on earth to result in some lasting good, make a habit of giving. Think of a spring: animals come there to quench their thirst; plants and trees grow nearby, and humans build their dwellings there. Why? Because a spring never cease s to give its pure waters. A spring teaches us that there is truly only one way to create and sustain life, and that is to give, to give the best of what is in our heart and soul. And people’s ingratitude need not concern you. Too bad for them if they are ungrateful: they will remain poor. And so much the better for you if you are a spring, because you will become rich!

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