Our higher self and our physical health, Part 4/5

Mekong sunrise, Laos

A message of hope and courage-
The facts I have revealed to you about your higher self should give you a great deal of hope and courage. The higher self of every one of you without exception dwells in the sun. The only difference is that some of you will link up with it sooner than others, for this depends on many different factors, amongst which is the state of your physical health.

Those of you who have already worked for a long time to prepare your body, brain and lungs for the encounter with these truths, will reach self-fulfilment much sooner than others. But I assure you, your wishes will, one day, be fulfilled. I cannot tell you when, but it will happen, for it is written in the laws of living nature that human beings shall obtain all that they fervently and perseveringly wishe for.

Choose one virtue that attracts you strongly
So continue to wish for all that is best. One who desires beauty, for instance, will one day be so beautiful and expressive that, wherever they go, people will gaze on them in wonder and exclaim, ‘Lord God, today I have seen and contemplated you. I have felt your presence. How beautiful you are, Lord!’

One who desires power, the power that renews, heals, soothes and improves other human beings, the power that brings harmony in its wake, will one day obtain it, and when they see such a person, others will murmur, ‘Lord God, I felt your strength brush by me today. I feel so happy. I want to follow you, to be with you.’

One who desires knowledge and intelligence will one day project light in all directions; their revelations will lead men and women to their Creator.

And one who desires love will incarnate the warmth and perfume of divine love; wherever they go, kindness, warmth and affection will pour from them into the hearts and souls of others.

One who loves purity will become a fountain of crystal-clear water, washing away all stains and impurities. Would it not be wonderful to become like a river, a waterfall, a lake?

This Rock is a living, intelligent creature and absorbs our impurities
So choose the virtue which attracts you most strongly and work at it, concentrate on it. Later, one by one, you will work at all the other virtues, for we have to become perfect as our heavenly Father is perfect; we have to become beings of purity, light, intelligence, love, kindness, power and beauty.

When you meditate up here, a tremendous work of cleansing and purification is taking place within you, and it is this purification that attracts all the other divine qualities. You would be truly amazed if you knew all the work done by the earth, and in particular by the Rock we are sitting on at this moment.

Look for yourself in the sun and start building the bridge
I have not talked to you about that yet, but this Rock is a living, intelligent creature who is here to serve us. It absorbs a great many of our impurities, swallowing them up and sending them down towards the special factories in the centre of the earth where workers transform them into subtle, crystalline matter.

But for now, I want you to remember just one thing: when you come up here in the morning, forget about everything else. Tell yourself that the sun is the only thing that matters. Concentrate on the sun, look for yourself in the sun, and start building that bridge.

To be continued…

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

Extract from a lecture contained in
Complete Works Volume 10, The Splendour of Tiphareth
Chapter 3, Our Higher Self Dwells in the Sun

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