The New Earth and the Evolution of Animals

Videlinata, the teaching centre in Vevey Switzerland

‘ »A new heaven and a new earth », means that human beings will have to reach greater heights, and that once there they will discover a reality, which has always existed but which they have never known. The new earth will be a new way of behaving, of doing things – new ways of eating, breathing and looking at things – and this new earth is coming nearer every day. But all renewal has to begin with the new heaven, that is to say, with the sun.

And it is the sun that is going to open our eyes to this heaven, which has always existed and in which dwell the initiates and the great spiritual masters and prophets who have left this earth, as well as the angels, archangels and divinities. And now you will be wondering whether you too can dwell in this heaven. Yes, of course you can. Today and every day you can be a part of it.

Every time you entertain pure thoughts and feelings, every time you decide to work for a high ideal, you are already in the new heaven, and this new heaven necessarily brings the new earth with it. Now there is one thing you must realize, and that is that this new earth is going to oblige you to adopt a new attitude towards creation as a whole.

Last winter, at Videlinata, I touched on this question. I remember I said, `Do you want me to show you just a tiny particle of the new earth?

Very well: when I leave my chalet in the morning to go to the lecture hall, I look at the sun and the mountains, the lake, the forest and the sparkling snow and I speak to them, just as I speak to all the luminous creatures of nature. I raise my hand to them in greeting and tell them how beautiful they are.’ There are not very many human beings who make this kind of gesture, because in their view, everything in nature is dead and empty.

Why try to speak to a void? This is the attitude of those who are still living on the old earth, they never make the slightest gesture of friendship towards creation. If they only knew what forces a little gesture like that can set in motion! Those who dwell on the new earth sense that they are protected and cherished by the whole of creation, because they know that it is alive and conscious. They recognize and greet it as a friend. Yes, but you have to change your whole attitude and dwell in the new heaven before you can make even this simple gesture.

As a matter of fact, even the planet earth, this little speck of dust which took billions and billions of years to reach its present state of development, even the earth changes and transforms itself. The earth’s etheric body is never the same. It is in permanent contact with the sun and the stars from which it constantly receives new elements, and one day, thanks to all its hard work, it will become transparent, crystalline and translucent, and will shine as brightly as the sun.

At the moment the earth is still unripe, but the heat of the sun is gradually bringing it to maturity, and one day it will be a delicious, ripe fruit, just like the sun. For the father of the earth is the sun, and in the long run children always resemble their parents.

At the moment the earth is like a rather ordinary little girl, but one day she will be as brilliant as her father, the sun. When this day comes, human beings will be living on other planets, they will have left the earth to the animals, and then it will be the turn of animals to be educated, instructed and cared for. Animals are destined to become much more intelligent, beautiful and expressive; in fact, some of them will play the piano, write books and give interminable speeches.’

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

Complete Works Volume 10, The Splendour of Tiphareth,
Chapter 13, A New Heaven and a New Earth

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