Like the marriage of God and his wife Isis

The girl of your dreams – will she understand you?
Marriage is something you must be prepared for… who will want you if you are not prepared? You say you want to marry a princess, a royal prince, but will he or she want to marry you? If you are ignorant, weak, and incompetent, you will find someone exactly like you, no better. Or, if you do marry the girl of your dreams, perhaps she will not be capable of understanding you, of expressing herself properly, of encouraging you or amusing you… because she cares only about herself. You will soon tire of her, beautiful as she may be, because she is not able to do anything for you spiritually, for your soul and spirit.

If you are prepared, if you have gathered a store of precious stones in the form of qualities that make you an exceptional person, then, yes, the one you love will always stay with you. Why would they leave, there is no one to equal you! That is not the way young people think. When a girl decides she wants some particular boy, by hook or by crook she will get him… but will she hold on to him? Not if she has nothing inside, in any case not for long. It is better to prepare yourself, to give years to preparation.

Wait until you find real affinity
You object, ‘By that time won’t I be old and wrinkled?’ Never mind that… you may be old on the outside but so young and beautiful inside that your royal prince will never dream of looking elsewhere. Before starting a love affair, before you allow yourself to fall in love, learn from Initiatic Science the criteria for a happy marriage, and then be patient and wait until you find someone with whom you have a real affinity, someone with the magic knowledge of how to fulfill your ideals. Then you can trust that person with yourself to the end of your days… and live happily ever after!

But unless you happen on someone like that, someone whose character completes yours, it is not worth the adventure, it will be too costly. No matter how long it takes, when you meet him or her, you will vibrate in unison with a love that only poets can describe, love that is literally a heavenly love.

A reflection of a great mystery – the marriage of God and his wife, nature , or Isis
But it is really too bad to have hundreds of experiences, to wear yourself out by becoming soiled and disillusioned. It would be better not even to try to love. If love is what you are seeking, let it be the real thing or nothing at all! Marriage, as I told you, is a reflection of the greatest mystery that exists.

It takes place on high, between God and his wife, nature, or Isis. Humans have always rushed thoughtlessly into marriage but from now on you should be conscious of the profound mystery of this contract: a husband is meant to bring his wife all the qualities of his heavenly Father; a wife is meant to bring her husband all the qualities of her divine Mother, nature. Together they consciously give each other what each is lacking, and that mutual gift will keep their love alive eternally.

Even when they are old, old, old, they will still love each other… more than on the first day! It may no longer be a question of the physical body, but rather the soul and spirit of the other that each one loves. Then what matter if the body is old and wrinkled? Behind the wrinkles shines the splendid soul in all its glory. And a soul is a priceless jewel.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov,
Izvor Book 214, Hope for the World
Chapter 3, Marriages made in Heaven

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