Magic – ancient secrets are now available to all, Part 3/7

But books on Magic do not make one more balanced and wiser-
‘It is disturbing to see the ever-growing interest in books about magic and the occult sciences: far from expressing a need for genuine spirituality, it is a sign of men’s eagerness to immerse themselves in things unknown, in all that is mysterious and forbidden.

The results speak for themselves: instead of making people well balanced, wiser and purer, these books unleash the obscure forces slumbering within them, confuse and cloud their minds and deliver them into the hands of inferior entities bent on the destruction of mankind.

For centuries, the Church made the mistake of opposing everything to do with the initiatic tradition, but the opposite extreme that prevails today is not an improvement, for it means that everyone, however weak, vicious and ill-intentioned they may be, has access to the occult sciences.

Magic and initiatic science were kept secret for good reasons
If Initiates in past centuries obeyed the precept to ‘Be silent,’ it was because they were well aware that initiatic science could become a very dangerous weapon in the hands of those who were not properly prepared for it. The nature of men is such that, however sublime, however divine the truths that are revealed to them, they will always seek to use them for their own selfish, personal ends. Whatever you give them, even if it is intended to help them and do them good, they manage to turn it from its true purpose and use it to ruin themselves and others.

There is more than one kind of magic. True magic, divine magic, consists in putting everything, absolutely everything, at the service of the kingdom of God. The opposite of this, that is to say, anything that involves putting the higher powers and properties of the human spirit at the service of our lower nature, is sorcery, black magic.

A man’s true strength and greatness lie in his refusal to use the powers he possesses for his own benefit. This is why I ask you all, all the brothers and sisters of the Brotherhood, never to have recourse to magical practices in order to obtain love, glory or money or to rid yourselves of an enemy, for all that is black magic.’

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

Izvor Book 226, The Book of Divine Magic
Chapter One: The Danger of the Current Revival of Magic

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