The Master’s Invocation to the Sacred Summits of the Himalayas

« Now, hear me, O you, Sacred Summits of the Himalayas,
You, TRISHUL, Neptunes’ Trident, with the power to dispel and overcome all the forces of evil, symbol of the divine Shiva and the holy Cabbalah,
and You, NANDA DEVI, ever virginal and pure in the immaculate white snow,
and You, PACHA CHULI, wondrous symbol of the five sacred virtues of Christ, marvelous image of the shining star which the three Wise Men contemplated with awe and adoration,
and You, NANDA GHUNTI, shrouded in you veil like a fiancee awaiting the sun, and veiled to all but him,
and You, NANGA PARBAT, sacred and mysterious region which I have contemplated with love and admiration from the heights of Gulmarg in Kashmir,
and You, MOUNT EVEREST, O most sublime summit, the highest in the world, symbol of the spiritual goal of our existence, wherein dwell the most sublime entities and creatures of our planet. O Mount Everest, how I have looked upon you in divine contemplation from the heights of Darjeeling!
I, Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov, Priest of the Most High, say all you famous summits, placed there by God to accomplish your mysterious mission for thousands and million of years, you who are known only to the Great Masters of Humanity, reveal your treasures which have been hidden from time immemorial and bestow them on my family the Great Universal White Brotherhood.
May all who are intelligent,faithful, filled with goodness and love and resolute in the High Ideal, receive your emanations so pure, so luminous, clear, transparent, inspiring and beneficial.
And may the High Ideal bequethed by the Master Peter Deunov never be forgotten –
« A heart as pure as cristal,
A mind as luminous as the sun,
A soul as vast as the universe,
A spirit as powerful as God and one with God. »
May it,on the contrary be fully realised by the Great Universal White Brotherhood.
Amen. So be it.
For the Glory of God!
For the Glory of God,
For the Glory of God! »
India, 1980/1981.

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    Truly inspirational.

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