Mikhaël’s modesty regarding his psychic gifts

Mikhaël never tried to pressure people or to use his clairvoyance or other psychic gifts to attract or impress. When asked if he was clairvoyant, he denied it, saying that at best he could ‘sometimes feel things a little’. He never encouraged people to consult clairvoyants, for the good reason that to do so was not the best way to transform themselves. He often cautioned against experimenting with the occult, for he had seen too many people who had become psychologically unbalanced by such experimentation.

Plato’s ‘World of Ideas’ was a reality

Involuntarily, however, he often gave proof of his capacity for seeing things on a very elevated plane. Over the years it became clear that he knew the past or the future of those close to him as well as the future prospects of society and the world. His frequent out-of-body experiences had taught him that Plato’s ‘world of ideas’ was a reality, a realm that contained all truth, all the best, purest, and most noble thoughts.

People often thanked him for having helped or healed them. When this happened, Mikhaël simply smiled and said that he had had nothing to do with it; that he had many friends in the invisible world who sometimes assumed his form and features and did things in his name: ‘These spirits,’ he added, ‘do many good deeds on earth, and they are always glad to let someone else take the credit for them. It is they who should be thanked.’ Physical illness, he explained, is often caused by obstructions on a subtler plane, and it was to those planes that he directed his mental work.

His healing powers

One day he went to see a man who was paralyzed and who had already consulted the most eminent specialists without success. After sitting by his bed for a long time, listening to him and observing his reactions, Mikhaël told him that he could be cured if he wanted it enough. ‘If you believe with all your might, you will be walking in a month or two.’

He prescribed certain breathing exercises, meditations and prayers, and the invalid followed these unusual instructions to the letter.

Gradually the paralysis was defeated and he was able to walk again. One day, referring to the case of this man—who was known to all present—Mikhaël insisted on the importance of guarding against the accumulation of poisons in one’s system, and the need to immerse oneself in the torrent of heavenly life through prayer, meditation and purification.

Negative emotions are poisonous to the human organism

‘There are certain extremely poisonous substances which coat the walls of the body’s canals with a fluid that prevents them from functioning correctly. These poisons are worry, anxiety, discontent, jealousy and resentment. It is essential that our nerve fluids circulate freely, and for that we need light… So the first thing to do is to improve and cleanse the canalizations of our body so that all our cells may be washed and nourished both by our thoughts and by our nerve fluids. You must shine light, therefore, into all the dark places.’

Louise-Marie Frenette,
Extract from The Life of a Master in the West  (Amazon, ‘look inside’)
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