Practices – Starting the day, Part 4/5

Before embarking on the activities of the day, sit down quietly and allow peace to flood into you.
Establish a harmonious contact with the whole universe and with God your creator, and consecrate your day to him.

Here is an exercise you can do every morning:

Raise your right arm, your hand outstretched,
and imagine that you are projecting your astral hand
up to the very throne of God. Then say:

‘My God, all I have is yours; make use of me for the triumph
and glory of your kingdom. I promise to do your will.
May your love, wisdom, and power manifest themselves through me’

There will be days when you are incapable of repeating this formula wholeheartedly; you sense that there is something in you that refuses to give way. You must try to reach the point of being able to say these words in all sincerity, not just from time to time, but every day.

Blessed are those who can say,

‘My God, I am your servant; do what you will with me.’

The importance of harmony
Meditate or reflect every day on harmony; love it and long for it so as to introduce it into everything you do: every gesture, every look, every word. In the morning, when you wake up, remember to begin your day by attuning yourself to the world of universal harmony. Your first thought on entering any house should be: ‘May peace and harmony reign in this house.’

harmonie nature

When you touch or move an object, do so as though your whole body were singing and dancing: you will see that the harmony of your gestures will reflect on you throughout the day. People kick the furniture, bang doors, and bump against their chairs, and they do not realize that it is the way they do things that influences their frame of mind.

Directing one’s energies
In the great book of living nature, it is written that it is of the utmost importance for the evolution of each human being that they should be able to account for the energy they spend and know exactly how and for what purpose they use it. They have been given a certain sum of energy, and they are responsible for it. Heaven has not given it to them so that they can waste it. In the book of living nature, therefore, you can find these words: ‘Blessed are those who dedicate and employ all their physical, emotional, and mental energies for the good of mankind and for the kingdom of God and his righteousness.’

morning 3

Human beings are extremely knowledgeable in scientific matters, but many have never heard, or think, of their responsibility in regard to the use they make of their energies.

One of the first tasks of a disciple is to examine their goals and see whether they are using their energies for purely selfish motives or whether their goal is selfless and divine. This is what matters. If you asked yourself this question every day, you would find a great many aspects of your lives that could be greatly improved. Of course, you cannot expect to make everything perfect all at once, but at least it would teach you to be conscious of what is going on.

A great many of the things I tell you can be left to one side, but not this. This is something that has to be done every day: be conscious and aware at each instant of how you are using your energies. It is very easy to do; no special conditions are needed. You can do it while you are walking to work, on the bus, at the dentist’s, or in your own kitchen.

Wherever you are, at any moment of the day, you can always glance into yourself and ask yourself: ‘How much will it cost to do such or such a thing? Is it really useful?’ It is absolutely essential to know exactly what to spend your energies on—I can never over-emphasize this.

To be continued…

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

This book describes many more practices including respiration, nutrition, exercise, meditation and work on the aura and chakras.
Complete Works Vol. 13, Chapter 2, A Daily Programme.
A New Earth – Methods, Exercises, Formulas and Prayers

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