The Kundalini Force, Part 2/3

When Kundalini rises it passes through the channel called Sushumna in the spinal cord. On either side of Sushumna are two other channels: Ida, which is negatively polarized and linked to the Moon, and Pingala, positively polarized and linked to the Sun. These two channels interweave upwards in a spiral movement, until Ida terminates in the left nostril and Pingala in the right. When you block the right nostril and breathe through the left one, you produce a current which flows via the channel Ida, and reaches Muladhara, the centre in which Kundalini lies asleep.

As it passes through Muladhara it produces a very, very slight vibration which contributes to rousing Kundalini just a little. Similarly, when you block the left nostril, and breathe through the right one, the current flows via the channel of Pingala, and it too causes the Muladhara chakra to vibrate very, very slightly, giving the Kundalini force yet another tiny impulse, and so on. By doing these breathing exercises every morning, therefore, gently, little by little, you awaken the Kundalini force, but you must be careful not to prolong these exercises unduly.

Ida n Pingala

The best advice for Westerners, though, is not to attempt to awaken this force, but to live a life of purity in conformity with the divine laws. Kundalini will awake of its own accord when the time is right: it is very important not to rush things. Every other approach is dangerous, for this force is like a raging fire which can tear and even destroy certain of your physical organs.

But when everything takes its natural course, gently and without shocks of any kind, then man awakes harmoniously to a consciousness of the divine world. I can sense your tremendous desire to make whatever effort has to be made to reach this level of awareness. Yes, you may begin at once, but you must be very cautious and reasonable and not launch yourselves into it without guidance, otherwise you may well lose your balance and even destroy yourselves. So don’t be in a hurry: it will come, gradually and gently.
To be continued…

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov
Izvor book 219, Man’s Subtle Bodies and Centres,

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