The language of Silence

When we are here together, meditating in silence, it is impossible for me immediately to forget about your presence and concentrate on my own work. You are with me; you are in my head and my heart as a unit, as my family, and I speak to you, I explain things to you. Often in fact, when I would like to stop and get on with my own work, I can’t do it; I go on speaking to you.

Sometimes, at these moments, without realizing it, some of you tune in to my thoughts, and one fine day, perhaps while you are out for a walk or writing a letter, you will suddenly be visited by an idea, an inspiration that comes to you like a bolt from the blue. Yes, because nothing is ever lost, not even a thought, for everything is alive. And this will become better and better if you continue to develop harmoniously and understand the real value of what we are doing here.

Oma meditant +When the time is ripe, each one of you will bring out into the light of day all the treasures stored up within you. This is why I say that you must make every effort progressively to reach a state of consciousness that will make it possible for us to gather simply in order to be together in silence and savour the divine life that fills the whole of space, the space in our soul and the space in the universe.

I am looking forward to the time when you will be capable of being together, like this, for a long time without feeling the need for me to talk to you physically. When will that day come? When you have learned to be inwardly free and peaceful, when you have learned to concentrate and do some constructive work with the abundance of subtle materials contained in silence. When you have learned to do this you will feel how weak words are compared to the strength and fulfilment that silence can give you. If this is not possible for the moment, if silence still fails to give you a fraction of what words give you, it is because you yourselves are not yet capable of perceiving the treasures it contains.

For the time being, therefore, I have to talk to you because I know that it is still necessary; I can see that it is necessary. But when, at last, words have done their work and you are ready, we shall be able to lose ourselves in the depths, the immensity, the intensity of silence and you will see and feel for yourselves that what you experience then is much vaster and more powerful than anything you experience through words.

Omraam Mikahel Aivanhov,
Izvor Book 229, The Path of Silence,

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