The Spiritual Foundations of Medicine, Part 4/7

‘It is the invisible dimension that controls the visible’

‘Why is it that despite the advances in medical science, more people, instead of getting better, are getting ill. It is because these advances concern mainly the material dimension. The true causes of disease lie elsewhere: in the way human beings think and feel and behave. People attempt to remedy their ailments by swallowing medicines, without realizing that it is by their thoughts and feelings that they destroy or restore their health.

For all their importance, the endocrine glands are not ultimately responsible for everything that goes on in our bodies: they only carry out orders received from elsewhere, and if, as sometimes happens, they secrete too much or too little, or cease to function altogether, it is because they are conditioned by other, much subtler factors, which medical research has not yet discovered. It is the invisible dimension that controls the visible, the subtle world that takes priority over the physical, the spirit that is in command of the material dimension – of matter.

Each human being possesses within themselves the elements they need to resist disease. I have already spoken to you about plants whose roots do not need to be in the soil: they draw their vitality from the atmosphere. Well, if a plant is able to draw all the elements it needs from the atmosphere, how much more should man be capable of doing the same. To be sure, everything is chemical, but chemistry is ruled by the spirit. 

Hippocrates was a Greek doctor who had studied the medical science of Egypt and India, and taught that the most important thing was to help the body defend itself against disease. He used natural means to increase his patients’ resistance to disease. The physical environment was also important to awaken the powers dormant within them.

sea therapy

I have spoken about many natural remedies and will just mention that sea water contains all the substances that the body needs: exactly those elements that are to be found in our blood. The Egyptian doctors who cured Plato did so with Thalassotherapy, a therapy with which I fully agree.

Thalassotherapy corresponds to our Teaching which encourages people to regain their inner balance by drawing all the elements their body needs from the inexhaustible reservoirs of nature. For example, to drink sea water is very good; it is a veritable transfusion, and one way of doing this is to eat oysters. Iodine, boron and other rare elements found in the sea, are not found on dry land. 

The Japanese owe their remarkable powers of resistance to the fact that they eat a lot of seaweed. How good it would be if we could get it in Europe!  It contains all the nutrients we need.  But don’t forget the one thing that matters: the sun! It is the sun that gives sea water and seaweed the vitality that human beings benefit from.

sea therapy+

Magnetism is yet another form of therapy; in fact magnetism and phytotherapy (natural remedies), are two of the most ancient therapeutic methods known to man. When an Initiate touches someone who is ill, they effect a veritable transfusion of vitality, a transfusion, as it were, of their own life-blood, and the sick person feels better. Magnetism is the medicine of the Initiates of old who healed with a touch, a glance or simply a word, without physical contact of any kind. It is, indeed, a kind of injection, for it consists in ‘injecting’ something into the sick person’s body.

The medicine of the future will be obliged to take into account all the needs of human beings, including those of the soul and spirit, and to supply them with the elements lacking to them. This is why I repeat and insist that the most potent of all therapies is the way you live.

Remember, therefore, to keep your links with the forces of nature intact. If you do this you will be given the light to see the universe as a structure, as the most marvellous edifice imaginable, in which everything is connected, from the summit to the base; and when you see this clearly, you will be capable of restoring order and remedying many of the anomalies within you.’
To be continued…

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov,
Izvor Book 225, Harmony and Health
Chapter 4, The spiritual foundations on medicine
Complete Works, Volume 6, Harmony

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