Wisdom, love, truth: three keys

Wisdom, love, truth: three keys to open the mind, the heart and the will

Every day, you automatically and absent-mindedly put keys into locks, without seeing that when you do you are symbolically replicating the work of the spirit (the key) in matter (the lock). So, resolve to study what a key and a lock are, and you will have the keys to open locks you had never imagined. Yes, your ears, mouth, nostrils and eyes are all locks, and the brain itself is a lock. Once you understand that, you will be in possession of keys that open the doors of nature as well as doors within yourself.

And what are the mind, the heart and the will? Doors that give access to regions where we think, feel and act, and the keys for opening these doors are wisdom, love and truth. Wisdom opens the mind, love opens the heart, and truth opens the will. Every time you are faced with a new problem to solve, try these keys. You don’t succeed with the first one? Then try the second. And if the second doesn’t work either, try the third. If you know how to proceed, it is impossible that one of these three keys does not end up resolving your problem.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov – « Truth: Fruit of Wisdom and Love », Izvor Book 234

Painting by Nicholas Roerich, ‘Pearl of Searching’, 1924

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