Work with Light – Love and Light, Part 4/5

Love has an extremely important role to play in obtaining this inner light: it is important that you understand this correctly. When you understand what love really is and how to manifest it, how to let it flow through you, then you will become luminous. Perhaps you will tell me that you don’t see the connection. Well, that is what I am going to show you. You all know how primitives produced fire: they would take two bits of wood, for example, and rub them together until the friction produced heat, and the heat produced a flame.

So there are three stages: movement, heat and light. And now, if you interpret this phenomenon you will see that movement corresponds to the activity produced by the will; heat corresponds to the feelings produced by the heart, and the flame, the light, corresponds to thought which is the fruit of the intellect. As far as love is concerned, one could say that, symbolically speaking, human beings never get beyond the stage of movement. True, this movement does produce warmth, but they must rise far beyond this purely sensory satisfaction, to love, and then all the way to the light, to understanding, to the heart of the mysteries of the universe.

Yes, love can lead men to this goal, but only if they cease to think of it as just an agreeable effervescence. There is a whole body of science which a follower can study in order to learn to produce light, but pleasure must no longer be their sole interest, for pleasure absorbs all one’s energies and prevents the light from shining.

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When we are together and meditate in silence, put all your cares to one side and concentrate on light as though everything depended on it, as though your very life depended on it. Think of it as though you were living your last moments, you are about to leave the world and light is the only thing that can save you: cling to it. Light! Nothing else matters.

This is the most marvellous of exercises. You can picture a white, incandescent light, and join your voice to that of the initiates as they declare: « I am a fragment of fragments of the incandescent Soul. » Or you can picture it as purple, blue, green, yellow, orange or red; but it is preferable to picture white light, for white light combines and unites all the others. White light can give you the omnipotence of purple, the peace and truth of blue, the wealth and eternal youth of green, the wisdom and knowledge of yellow, the health, vigour and vitality of orange, the activity and dynamic energy of red.

But, above all, picture white light to yourself. When you reach the stage of concentrating completely on light, when you sense it as a vibrant, throbbing, quivering ocean of peace, happiness and joy, then you will also begin to sense it as perfume and as music, that cosmic music which we call the music of the spheres, the song of the whole universe.’
To be continued…

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov,
Izvor book 212, Light is a Living Spirit

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