Zero Days to go – Planetary Event

Dear Allies of the Light, the Planetary Event is today!

We will be gathered together all around our beautiful planet, concentrating on a unifying Though the Prayer to the Forces of Good.
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Here is an extract of a lecture given by the Master about the power of Unity and the Spiritual Laser. He explains the power of thoughts and energy on a single idea for the benefit of all mankind:

And here is an extract of a lecture in the Izvor book 212, ‘Light is a Living Spirit’

“I wish I could get you to understand that if we do our mental work correctly together, we shall be capable of emitting light as powerful as the laser, and making its effects felt throughout the whole world. Of course, you can do this exercise at home and concentrate on light when you are alone but when we do it together the power is considerably amplified. If we want to reach the whole of humanity and help all men, we need a laser formed by a great many people, all concentrating on the same idea. You often complain that your meditations don’t seem to produce any results: well, this is simply because you all concentrate on different subjects and, sometimes, in fact, on subjects that are so far beyond your reach that your meditation cannot possibly be efficacious.

Whereas if you all concentrated on light – that is not difficult, after all; you all know what light is – each one of you would feel the support of the others and we would produce one single vibration of indescribable potency, for every one of us would be vibrating on the same wavelength as light.But there is still one thing that is missing, though, and that is the habit of concentration; only a few of you have ever really practised or are in the habit of doing the work I am talking about.”

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