A year in India : February 1959 – February 1960 – Part 2/7

Before he left for India on 11 February 1959, the Master left this magnificent message:
‘Beloved brothers and sisters of the Universal White Brotherhood here at Izgrev in France, I command the spirits of nature, the birds, the trees and all other things to carry out the charge I have given them, that they should be powerful conductors of inspiration and protection for you all.
‘May the sunrises, conducted by invisible beings that surround you and speak to you, lead you on the upward path of divine evolution.
‘Be united by the love that binds and makes all actions, all words and all thoughts fruitful!|
‘I am not there and yet I am with you always.
‘A higher Being than I takes you under his protection.
‘Live your life on earth divinely!

… « Since my return, I know how impatient you are to hear me talk about my stay in India.
Of course, I will do it, but my intention is not to impress you by telling you all the things I experienced there. I find that you are already assigning too much importance to what I might say, as if I am going to bring you something more precious, more essential, than I did during the years before I took this trip.  You may not believe me, but if this experience in India was very rich for me, it was because it underlined for me the value of our western tradition. Since my return, this value has become even clearer, because now I can really compare the two. I am not going to say that the western tradition is superior but that Westerners can find all they need for their spiritual development in it.

As soon as I arrived in the country, I wanted to understand Indians as they are now, their physical appearance, their mentality and their bearing.  Using all possible modes of transport, I travelled the length and breadth of India, from Srinagar in the Himalayas to Trivandrum in the extreme south, where the soil is such a vivid red, and from Bombay to Calcutta.
I moved in all groups, I encountered great Masters, but I also met politicians, bankers, professors, craftsmen and beggars. I observed how people buy and sell, how they feed themselves and dress, how they sleep and pray. I also tried, mentally, to go back in time to see what the life of this nation had been, its customs and practices…. »
To be continued…

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov –
A living Book, Autobiographical Reflections 1

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