Learn to find nourishment in light, Part 2/3

Blessed are those who have embraced light…
Hermes Trismegistus, Master of the Mysteries, said in The Emerald Tablet, ‘The father thereof is the Sun, the mother the Moon. The Wind carried it in its womb, the Earth is the nurse thereof.’ The four elements were there: the sun (fire), the moon (water), the wind (air) and the earth. The four elements collaborated to bring to birth and nurture that light, that quintessence which Hermes Trismegistus calls Telesma and which confers all knowledge and all powers on Initiates.

Tradition tells us, also, that Zarathustra once asked the god Ahura-mazda what the first man ate, and Ahura-mazda replied, ‘He ate fire and drank light.’ Why should we not learn, also, to eat fire and drink light and so be restored to the primeval perfection of the first man?

Learn to find nourishment in light, for in doing so you will find the greatest possible blessings; you will feel so rich that you will begin to love every creature that exists. It is poverty that engenders hatred. The rich never hate anyone. But be sure, now, that you understand me correctly: I am talking of the truly rich, the great Masters. They live in such abundance that their hearts overflow; how could they possibly harbour feelings of hatred when they enjoy such plenitude? It is those who feel deprived who are aggressive and envious and detest other people.

Never forget this. As soon as someone becomes conscious of the wealth that God bestows on him so lavishly, their heart overflow with love and their one thought is to help and enlighten others. Being in possession of such superabundance they are impelled to share it with others.


Blessed are those who have embraced light, spiritual light, in the sanctuary of their minds, souls, hearts and spirits, for this is true wealth. Perhaps some of you may ask, ‘But how can one obtain this inner light?’ What a question! Don’t you know how primitives used to about making fire? They rub two pieces of wood together until they produce heat; then they go on rubbing and eventually a tiny flame blazes up and gives light. As you see, there are three stages to the process: first, movement (the will), second, heat (love, feeling) and third, light (intelligence, thought).

So if you want to obtain light you must make up your minds to act, set your will to work until heat, love, takes hold of you and keep working until that love, in turn, becomes light. That is how to obtain light! Practise spiritual exercises, meditation and prayer until you find so much enjoyment in them that you cannot do without them any longer and, eventually, light will blaze up.

Of course you can follow the reverse movement, also: you can convert light into heat and heat into movement. Certain elements of knowledge in the intellect can give rise to love in the heart, and that love urges you to act. So it is a two-way process. It is all so simple! People vacillate for years, puzzling over how to obtain light, how to live a spiritual life, and never managing to do so…and yet it is all so simple!

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
Izvor Book 212, Light is a Living Spirit Chap. 3

Image: The Emerald Tablet.
‘The Emerald Tablet is a summary of the whole body of ancient wisdom, created by Hermes Trismegistus. It is still the most perfect monument that any intelligence has ever bequeathed to mankind.’
Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov, Complete Works 32 – Chap.2

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