Our Higher Self dwells in the Sun, Part 4/7

Building a bridge between our lower self down here, and our higher self

« The earth is not only that part of it that we can see. Round the globe is an atmosphere many miles deep, and science divides this atmosphere into several different layers, each with its own name. But what science does not know is that within each of these layers there lives an infinite number of elements and entities, and that beyond the atmosphere lies the earth’s etheric body which stretches all the way to the sun: in fact, it actually touches the sun.
The etheric body of the earth, therefore, mingles and melts into the etheric body of the sun, for the sun, too, has an etheric body which reaches far beyond its own sphere, as far as the earth and beyond, all the way to the other planets.

This is why sun and earth touch and are already united. And, as man is built in the image of the universe, he too possesses this subtle dimension of emanations from which he projects rays which reach as far as the sun. In this way we can say that man, in his higher, sublime, divine dimension, actually lives in the sun already. He is not aware of it, of course, because he only uses his brain, and the brain is built to work within the limits of the physical world.

That entity, that subtle being that is part of ourselves and that dwells in the sun, is our higher self. It comes to visit us from time to time, manifesting itself to us through a brief contact with our brain. Our brain is incapable of sustaining the intensity of its vibrations; it cannot get on the same wavelength as the higher self, so the higher self goes away again. But our higher self is working to prepare the brain, and when it is ready and fit to be its dwelling place, it will abide within us permanently.

medit silence

This is, precisely, what we are trying to do here, at sunrise in the morning: our work with the sun, our meditations and prayers, are all aimed at restoring communications, of building a bridge between our lower self down here, and our higher self in the sun. When the bridge is built and communications restored, we shall once again be united with that higher self that dwells with God in constant happiness and bliss and boundless freedom.

Now, let me explain a method which can help you: when you go up to the Rock in the morning for the sunrise, imagine that you are up there, in the sun, from where you can see that creature down here: that creature that is you yourself. You project yourself out of your body and amuse yourself, watching and smiling at yourself sitting down here: ‘Oh, look at that funny creature down there; to think that it’s me. How small and puny he looks! But I’m going to help him; I will. I’ll give him all the help he needs.’

If you do this very simple exercise every day, you will already be starting to rebuild the bridge. Nobody can tell you how long it will take to complete the job, for you are not building with iron, steel or concrete, but with another, far subtler matter, matter from the mental plane. Every one of you has been invited to do this work, but I wonder how many of you are ready to go this far… »

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov,
The Splendour of Tipharet,


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