Power to dowse for gold

During a brotherhood camp on Mount Vitosha, some distance from the camp, Peter Deunov told Mikhaël that a great treasure was buried just beneath their feet. Then, without another word, he turned and went back to his tent, leaving Mikhaël to make what he would of it. Peter Deunov was known to be exceptionally clairvoyant and Mikhaël must have been very impressed, not only by this unexpected revelation but also by this proof of his Master’s faith in him.

Did he have any doubts about the existence of the treasure? Probably not, for it was perfectly plausible: it was common knowledge that highway robbers had buried gold in various regions of Bulgaria. In fact, treasure hunters were numerous in the vicinity of the ancient routes linking the north and south of the country.

Mikhaël stood for a few minutes and watched the figure of Peter Deunov as he returned rapidly to the camp; then, without a backward look, he followed him. Speaking of the incident years later, he said: ‘The other brothers could not understand my behavior. They never forgave me for not showing them where that treasure was hidden.’

On another occasion Peter Deunov showed Mikhaël how to make a dowsing instrument equipped with a small copper rod with which to find gold in the ground. Mikhaël used it once, when he was dining in the home of some wealthy friends. His host hid some gold coins in different places throughout the house, and to the amazement of the family and their guests, he found them all.

The discovery of such a possibility was enough to turn many heads, but Mikhaël never used it again. What purpose could it serve except to exploit and dominate his fellow human beings? Had he not already renounced such use of his psychic powers at the age of eighteen, when he had refused the offer of the retired consul?

His exceptional gifts could easily have assured him a brilliant career as healer, clairvoyant, or astrologer, but he knew that his role in life lay in a different direction. As soon as he sensed that a particular discipline would not enable him to help others to free themselves and overcome their difficulties, he abandoned it. He could easily imagine the depth of slavery to which he would be reduced if he sought to exploit those glittering powers.

Louise-Marie Frenette,
Extract from The Life of a Master in the West  (Amazon, ‘look inside’)
‘Flip through’  at Prosveta bookshop

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