Working with Light

Those who are conscious and decide to take light as their guide, begin to free themselves and to vibrate so intensely that nothing can hold them back: they fly through space, visiting and observing everything and, thanks to their inner swiftness, they are able to discover all the hidden marvels of the universe.

Light goes everywhere and sees everything that is going on, it is constantly learning. So we should address all our questions to light, and ask it to tell us what it has seen and learned on its travels. But we are a long way from using methods of this kind: nobody thinks of asking a sunbeam what it has seen or what it has brought back from all the places it has visited. Still less does anyone decide to behave like a sunbeam!

Every morning at sunrise, you have the conditions for beginning to live your life with intensity. But before you can do this, you must learn to free yourself from greed for material things, for you can increase the intensity of your thoughts and feelings and begin to travel through space only if you are content with very little in the way of material goods. The more deeply committed man is to worldly affairs, the less opportunity he will have of living with intensity and learning to vibrate in unison with light.

The truly intense life does not manifest itself in words, gestures and movement. If you live with the intensity of light you can just be there quite quietly, without moving a muscle, and yet be in touch with the heart of the universe. But you can only understand this if you actually achieve it. I am looking forward to the day when I need not say anything any more, when we can just be here, together, in a silence of such extraordinary quality! I have this great body of knowledge, this tremendous programme that I am following.

Oma rocher meditation

I know that lecturers in the world always try to satisfy the desires od their public, but the the question is quite different in my case: my programme is based on something completely different from the tastes and preferences of people. People know everything and do nothing! They know that patience can work miracles but they are not patient. They know that with gentleness one can obtain extraordinary results, but they are always flying into a rage. They know, they know, they know… but when it comes to putting all that knowledge into effect they seem to lose interest…

So what do you have to do to begin living your lives with intensity? Well, the first thing to do is to accept the idea and understand that this intensity is something very desirable and advantageous; secondly you must begin to love and long for it, and, finally, you must make up your minds to give it concrete reality. If you do this, all the rest will follow on little by little.

Omraam Mikahel Aivanhov,
Izvor Book 212, Light is a Living Spirit

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