Destiny & Reincarnation

Can we change our Destiny?

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With a few extremely rare exceptions, no human being has ever been born into this world without some faults for which they have to make reparation or have some debts to pay. Even many Initiates, Saints and Prophets have had to suffer in order to make reparation for faults committed in previous incarnations. But this [...]

Where to find happiness, Part 1/5

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All human beings want happiness, but often have trouble finding it  - Human beings come into the world with certain aspirations; they need to love and be loved; they need to know, and they need to create. And it is the fulfilment of these aspirations that they call happiness. Before they can fulfil their aspirations, [...]

Many initiates have reincarnated as scientists, Part 1/7

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I can show you—in fact I have often done so—that the discoveries of science prove the truth of initiatic science, but this is something that neither scientists nor religious people have ever understood. For me there is no contradiction between science and religion; they go hand in hand. In fact they go hand in hand [...]

The Life Beyond – everything in our life is recorded, Part 5/5

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'But let me get back to the most important: whether or not we believe in the life of the soul after death, without our knowing it, everything we do is recorded. Nature does much more wonderful things than even the most skilled electronic engineer: at the apex of each human’s heart, she places a tiny [...]

The Life Beyond – meeting the Creator, Part 4/5

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On the Buddhic plane we become one with the Universal Soul. 'Their next step is to rise to the Causal plane, and there they receive the secret treasures of Wisdom; all the mysteries of the universe are revealed to them; they are allowed to see and contemplate all the beauty of the Heavenly regions. Later, [...]

The Life Beyond – near death experiences, Part 3/5

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The physical body is a good, solid fortress, but when one leaves it at the time of death, every transgression of the laws of love, wisdom and truth has to be paid for on the astral plane. I assure you, I am not inventing anything: all the great Masters of mankind have told us this; [...]

The Life Beyond – The moment of death, Part 2/5

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The Astral Plane is a world both of suffering and of joy. At the limit between the higher and lower regions of the Astral Plane is an intermediate zone inhabited by those who are in the process of perfecting themselves, of severing the bonds that tie them to the lower world, but who can still suffer [...]

Belief in reincarnation at the time of Jesus

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We have this question from one of our readers in relation to a recent post; 'Interesting. Please, what is the evidence that the early Christian church believed in reincarnation?'  Here is a video of a lecture by Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov on the subject of reincarnation, followed by an extract from a lecture that answers the question [...]

Escape the domination of old patterns

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There is a way to escape from the domination of your old patterns or stereotypes and it is extremely simple: you have to prepare new ones, by adopting a new attitude, cultivating new thoughts and feelings and acquiring new habits. In this way you will be making new recordings, new stereotypes to take the place [...]