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I live in London and am a longtime follower of Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

Wesak Ceremony, Full Moon 18-19 May 2019

2019-05-18T21:03:38+01:00May 18th, 2019|About - Daily Posts, Initiatic Science, Traditions of the East & West|

The important Ceremony of Wesak will be celebrated at the full moon of 18-19 May 2019. The Master explains how during this very special ceremony we can link to the initiates, with the thought of receiving the blessing they will send to all the children of God. "The Initiates attend a ceremony that takes place [...]

Words to accompany the exercises, Part 3/7

2019-05-09T21:11:52+01:00May 9th, 2019|About - Daily Posts, Methods & Daily Practices|

As we execute each movement of the gymnastics, we silently say a formula, a prayer. These formulas, these prayers, not only help us to become aware of the importance and meaning of each gesture, they also send out vibrations that penetrate the very substance of our being. The importance of inner silence I will show [...]

Exercises to create Inner Harmony, Part 2/7

2019-05-02T20:31:57+01:00May 2nd, 2019|About - Daily Posts, Methods & Daily Practices|

People usually associate the idea of gymnastics with keeping their body in good shape and developing muscles, when for good health and energy it is principally the nervous system that needs to be supported, strengthened and stimulated. Athletes can have very strong muscles, but if their nervous system is weak and exhausted they will not [...]

Exercises to capture spiritual energies, Part 1/7

2019-04-27T20:18:23+01:00April 27th, 2019|About - Daily Posts, Methods & Daily Practices|

The gymnastic exercises we do each morning are a means of capturing the spiritual energies passing through space, through the atmosphere, and allowing them circulate within ourselves. As analogies, we dig ditches and furrows to channel water, and we install electrical circuits to light our houses. To be able to receive spiritual energies and make [...]

Benefit from the powerful energy currents of Easter

2019-04-21T04:49:40+01:00April 21st, 2019|About - Daily Posts, Cosmos, the Universe & Symbols, Traditions of the East & West|

We wish our readers every blessing this Easter, and may it be a time for renewal for all of us. With our warmest wishes, The Journey with Omraam Team. 'The great Christian feast of Spring season is Easter, the feast that commemorates Christ’s Resurrection. In this feast, the life of nature and the life of [...]

A Sublime Ideal gives Meaning to Life

2019-04-16T21:27:23+01:00April 16th, 2019|About - Daily Posts, Astrology, Alchemy & Cabbalah, Traditions of the East & West|

The other day, I watched a debate on television about the notion of celebration. The panel included writers, film producers, sociologists and journalists, and they all agreed that holidays and feast days like Christmas and Easter were good for people because they broke the monotony of daily life and provided a healthy occasion to relax [...]

The Foundation of all Spiritual Qualities, Part 7/7

2019-04-11T22:53:38+01:00April 11th, 2019|About - Daily Posts, Initiatic Science, The Spiritual Journey|

The Geometry of the Sephirotic Tree - God is the plenitude, the abundance of the Sephiroth, that is, the science, the understanding and penetration of Hod; the fragrance, colours, beauty and celestial charm of Netzach; the light and splendour of Tiphareth; the power and triumphant victory over inner and outer enemies of Geburah; the protection, [...]

The Spiritual Meaning of Alpha and Omega, Part 6/7

2019-04-04T22:41:01+01:00April 4th, 2019|About - Daily Posts, Initiatic Science, The Spiritual Journey|

Aleph and Tav, read right to left Spiritual chemistry is the science of the elements used by God in creating the world, of which there are twenty-two. The first one, Aleph, has the power to transform, sublimate and enlighten; the last one, Tav, preserves and protects from destruction. Jesus said, ‘I am the Alpha and [...]

Where to find the Magical Element, Part 5/7

2019-03-19T20:09:12+01:00March 19th, 2019|About - Daily Posts, Initiatic Science, The Spiritual Journey|

Never forget this, each time you achieve something, stop and ask yourself what is decreasing at the same time. For instance, if you spend your time increasing your wealth, you might wonder if your health is not decreasing. Take what I am giving you today and keep it in mind for the rest of your [...]

What we can learn from being in love, Part 4/7

2019-03-10T21:20:15+01:00March 10th, 2019|About - Daily Posts, Initiatic Science, The Spiritual Journey|

Many people have no sense of the value of things – sacred or not, splendid and precious or not – they just trample on them. No matter how virtuous and qualified the person before them is, no matter if they stand to gain the sun and the stars by paying attention to them, they remain [...]