The Richness of Real Love

Real love is a vibration of great subtlety, and in order to emanate this vibration, as well as to receive it, a great deal of attention and vigilance are needed. Nothing is more important than knowing how to give and receive love. Those who have understood this are able to experience such plenitude and joy that everything else pales in comparison.

In the vibrant, conscious exchanges they have with others, they discover such richness that the feelings which put them in constant conflict with others, such as envy, jealousy and the need to dominate and achieve social success, loosen their hold. Love is something quite different from the attraction that suddenly propels two people together and then separates them as soon as it ends, enticing them elsewhere.

The day you know what true love is, you will receive from your every encounter the purest, warmest and most luminous elements, elements of immortality, and each one of you will say, ‘Thank you, Lord! You have sent me someone who, for me, is like the sun that brings me warmth and light in winter; like a delicious, fragrant fruit that nourishes me; like the water that quenches my thirst, like the fresh air that raises my spirits.’

Listen to people talk (it would be even worse if you could hear them think!): they do nothing but complain about others. They so rarely rejoice and give thanks that these people exist. Humans are imperfect, of course, but beyond all their imperfections there is always something to discover, for within each person there is a divine spark.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

Izvor Book 242, The Wellsprings of Eternal Joy
Chapter 14 Always reach for new heights

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