Conscious Respiration and Meditation

Our role is not to condense or materialize energy; it is already sufficiently condensed. Our role is, rather, to set it free, to release it. The great
Initiates, who know this law of the disintegration of matter, are capable of disintegrating a few thousands of a milligram of the matter of their
brain and, with the resulting energy, of working miracles. They achieve this disintegration by means of thought; it is a secret that has been in their
possession for thousands of years. They apply the principles of nuclear fission to their own brain, a type of matter that contains inexhaustible wealth…
… Someone who concentrates or meditates, disintegrates some minute particles of matter and, in doing so, releases energy. And this is all the
more beneficial and salutary, in that other, purer, more luminous particles come to replace those that are destroyed.”

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