Invite spiritual entities to inhabit our possessions, Part 1/3

‘Everything in nature is animate, everything is alive. It is extremely important that you understand and learn to use this great truth.

Let me take a very concrete comparison: that of a car in motion. You know that that car you see driving down the road cannot move of its own volition, so there must be someone inside who set it in motion and is steering it. Later, if you see the same car, parked at the side of the road, you know that the driver has got out and left it.

Now, apply this to your physical body and you will see that it is exactly the same thing: our body is the car, the vehicle that we are driving. Or, if you prefer, it is a house, a house that may be empty or inhabited; the occupant is our soul which is sometimes away on a journey, and then comes back and takes charge again.

Everyday items can be animated
But there is something else that you must know, and that is that all the material objects we use every day, all those so-called ‘inanimate’ things such as tables and chairs, clothes, lamps or household appliances, can also be animated if we invite spiritual entities to inhabit them. It is even possible to shut up intelligent entities, either good or evil, in boxes or chests.

Unfortunately, there are people who have taken advantage of this knowledge and misused it. They have captured and imprisoned infernal spirits and kept them in chains in order to use them for their own evil purposes. But you can be sure that if I tell you about these things, it is solely in view of a positive, luminous, harmonious, divine purpose.

Truths to set in motion beneficial forces
It is perfectly true that there are certain methods and formulas that can be used to animate and give life to objects or houses—even to cars and machines of all kinds. What reason could anyone have for doing this? To ensure that these objects exert a benign influence on their lives.

Most men and women haven’t the least inkling of these things; they manufacture and build all kinds of goods, they use all kinds of machines and instruments in their homes, factories and laboratories, and yet it never occurs to them that there are certain laws, certain truths, which they could use to set in motion a multitude of harmonious, beneficial, divine forces that would help them to advance on the path of light. One day everybody will learn this science.’

To be continued…

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov,
The Bonfin, 16 July 1967

Complete Works Volume 32. Fruits of the Tree of Life
Chapter 23, Objects are Receptacles of Life

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