The practices and goal of the Brotherhood

– The practices of the Universal White Brotherhood are aligned with its goal.
I do not preach renunciation of the world and life in society and devotion of all one’s time to meditation and prayer. Other teachings have done so, and they had their reasons. But the goal of the Teaching of the Universal White Brotherhood is a different one; its task is a different task.

It is not about winning over a few people and bringing them onto a purely spiritual, mystical path. Our teaching aims to reach the whole world, to involve the whole world, and the whole world cannot be involved in a path which is only for the few.

And since the goal of the Teaching is different, so are its practices. It is desirable for all men and women to be able to work, to start a family and express themselves as social beings, but at the same time they need also to have a discipline and practices to improve their family and social life. So many of them are still at the stage where launching into the spiritual life can cause their affairs to collapse, while dealing with their affairs can ruin their spiritual life. No – you must have both; you have to bring both together.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov
Life and Work in an Initiatic School, Training for the Divine – Vol. 30


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