Mothers can work great miracles

‘A child’s nature and character are determined before they are born’
‘At the present time most women are completely unaware of the influence they have on the child before birth. They have no idea that their thoughts and feelings affect the baby they are carrying, they think they can lead any kind of life they please independently of the life within them, which they think of as independent from them. They are wrong! The psychic life of the mother has as much effect on the child as her physical life.

Women should want to do everything possible to have a beneficial effect on their unborn child. The child spends nine months in its mother’s womb, and during that time it is formed in body and mind. Mothers who keep a diary during their pregnancy will see that the child manifests at different times in their life the different conditions of their pregnancy.

But in reality, this repetition operates in reverse. What the mother experienced during the ninth month will show up in the child during the first part of his life, and so on. Taking ninety years as the average lifespan, each month of pregnancy corresponds to ten years of the child’s life. I often advise mothers of big families to go back over the events and conditions they experienced during pregnancy in order to understand the traits of character and even certain health problems of their children.

Mothers are a reservoir of extraordinary substances capable of realizing heaven’s designs. If they decide to dedicate themselves to heaven so that all that marvellous substances may be used for a divine purpose, then we shall see focal points of light springing into life over the whole face of the earth, and everyone will speak the language of the new culture, the language of the new life, the language of divine love.


When I say that you should educate a child even before its understanding is wakened, I mean long before… even before its birth. It is when a child is still in the womb that education should begin. And it is up to the mother, especially, to talk to her child, and tell it about  all the qualities she wants for it, all the magnificent things she wants it to do later.

A mother who expects a child should say to herself, “I have a marvellous opportunity during the next nine months to fill my baby with all the pure elements that will make him beautiful, intelligent, sound in mind and body, a blessing to all mankind… by the way I live, think, and feel. If I watch over myself as I watch over him, making sure to bring him only the best thoughts, feelings and actions during this time, I will be contributing elements of pure gold that will make him wonderful!” Once the child is born it is too late, it has already escaped her influence, she can do no more for him. A child’s nature and character are determined before it is born and nothing its parents do after that, nothing doctors or nurses, teachers or psychologists do, will be able to change it…

If millions of parents all over the world decided to have this attitude during conception, if mothers everywhere recognized the fact that they are responsible for shaping their child’s character, mind and body, through their own thoughts and behaviour during gestation, then it would take only three or four generations for mankind to be completely transformed!’

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov
Izvor Book 214, Galvanoplasty, a Future for Humanity


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  1. Troya April 19, 2016 at 12:01 pm - Reply

    A child’s nature and character are determined before it is born = I agree
    and nothing its parents do after that, nothing doctors or nurses, teachers or psychologists do, will be able to change it =
    I disagree, for reason that we come into live to consciously grow & evolve inviting our free will for support.

    • JohnU April 22, 2016 at 10:27 pm - Reply

      Thank you for your comment dear Troya, this extract is from a lecture 35 years ago. What was hard to believe then, is now being proved, as you say, by medical science. During its life the child indeed has free will and will develop consciousness and will evolve. But medical science is also proving that there are direct links between the state of mind of the mother during pregnancy and problems experienced later in the life of the child. This is a complex subject which is covered in Izvor Book 203, Education Begins Before Birth

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