The silent voice of the higher self

‘At a time when it was more difficult to give humans an idea of psychology because they were not able to understand, the initiates interpreted the higher and lower natures by the idea of ANGELS and DEVILS: a guardian angel stood at the right of man and a devil at his left, the angel to give him good counsel, the devil to lead him into error and make him a victim.

Now, is it true that we have a devil at our left and an angel at our right at all times? Well, I believe they are there, but in what form is another question. They are there in the form of our two natures, the only difference being that some people give the divine nature a chance to manifest itself and as a result receive guidance, enlightenment, illumination, revelations… and others do not. 

The ones who allow their higher-self to manifest itself always experience clarity, their thinking is lucid, their entire existence is enormously helped, they are comforted, sustained, protected.  The other people prefer to abandon themselves to their instincts, their greed and lust, and all their actions result in disastrous consequences, whereupon they say they were tempted by the devil! In reality they were overcome by their own lower instincts, because they had no way of controlling them.

Never count on the personality to improve! Use it, put it to work, make it step down in favour of the individuality or higher self.’

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov,
Izvor Book 213, Man’s two Natures

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