Emissive and Receptive – Creation and Formation

This post answers a question from one of our readers about the difference between ‘creation‘ and ‘formation‘. The question came up after reading this post.


At a Cosmic level, this is explained using the Sephirotic Tree (main image above) which shows the Worlds of Emanation, Creation, Formation and Action on the right. See Izvor book 237, Cosmic Balance, The Secret of Polarity, Chapters 2, 3 and 4.

At a human level the answer is to be found in an understanding of ‘Polarity’, the masculine and feminine principles that exist within human beings as well as throughout the cosmos. Together these three posts provide an explanation at the human level.


In summary, on the physical plane a man is emissive, and creates children, whereas a woman is receptive, can only form them and bring them into the world.

Here is another extract which explains Polarity using the terms ‘emissive‘ and ‘receptive‘ which correspond with ‘creation‘ and ‘formation‘.

‘When a man and woman unite, the man’s energies flow down to the base of the spine and, from there, are transmitted to the woman. They then flow up the woman’s spinal column to the brain and, from there, are once again transmitted to the man. A woman, therefore, receives these energies on the lower level and gives them back to the man on the higher level, thus setting up a most wonderful circular flow of energies.

But that is not all: if you look at how men and women are polarized on the different planes, you will see that there is marvellous interweaving. Men, who are emissive on the physical plane, become receptive on the astral plane, emissive again on the mental plane, and so on.

Women, on the other hand, are receptive on the physical plane, emissive on the astral plane and receptive, once again, on the mental plane. Thanks to these inversions of polarity, men and women can have enormously fruitful exchanges with their partners on every level of their being.

On the physical level, the role of the woman is restricted to bringing a child into the world; she is not the one who provides the sperm. But it is important for her to realize that she is emissive on the astral plane and that if she wants to create a child she can fertilize the universal Soul.

A man, on the other hand, who wants to give birth to a child, must unite with the cosmic Spirit on the astral plane. However, the cosmic Spirit will not be attracted to just anyone; the cosmic Spirit is a prince. So a male initiate who wants to attract the attention of the universal Spirit tries to make his soul into an exquisite princess, overflowing with love, humility and tenderness, always ready to accomplish the divine will, even if it means forfeiting her own life.’

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

Izvor Book 209, Christmas and Easter in the Initiatic Tradition
Chapter 3, Birth on the Different Planes of Being

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