Equip yourself for a journey to the sun, Part 1/5

A civilisation exists that is beyond description-
‘In the morning you can send your thoughts out to the sun and imagine it as a glorious world inhabited by the most perfect, absolutely luminous creatures who live in sublime intelligence and absolute love and purity. Think that up there, in the sun, an order, a culture, a civilization exists that is perfect beyond description.

The day before yesterday I told you that there were mountains and palaces and whole towns in the sun, and you were dumbfounded and horrified: ‘That’s ridiculous! How could anything living exist in such heat?’ But what do you know about all the different ways in which life can manifest itself and the conditions it needs in order to develop?

We already have the instruments to travel to the sun
Life exists everywhere throughout the whole universe; why should it not also be in the sun? Obviously it is impossible for human beings to imagine any form of life in the conditions that prevail in the sun, so nobody will believe me yet. They will just have to find out for themselves. Yes, you must prepare yourselves to go and find out, for everyone is going to have to do it for himself.

You must no longer believe what other people say or listen to all their fairy-tales, you must equip yourself for your own excursion to the sun. ‘How can I do that?’ you will ask; ‘There are no aircraft or even spacecraft that can take me to the sun.’ That is true, but the Lord has given us all the machines and instruments we need: haven’t we got formidable powers of thought and imagination? These are the vehicles we can use to travel directly to the sun: thought and imagination.

Our Higher Self lives in the sun
And what would be your reaction if I told you that, without realizing it, you were already in the sun? You cannot feel it, but there is a tiny part of yourself, a very, very subtle element, which already dwells permanently in the sun. Science has not really studied man yet; it does not know the tremendous wealth nor the breadth and depth of a human being.

As you already know, the visible part, the physical body, is not the sum total of a human being. Humans have other bodies which are made of increasingly subtle matter.

The earth and the sun also have etheric bodies
And I have told you the same thing about the earth: the earth is not only that part of it that we can see. Round the globe is an atmosphere many miles deep, and science divides this atmosphere into several different layers, each with its own name. But what science does not know is that within each of these layers there live an infinite number of elements and entities, and that beyond the atmosphere lies the earth’s etheric body which stretches all the way to the sun: in fact, it actually touches the sun.

The etheric body of the earth, therefore, mingles and melts into the etheric body of the sun, for the sun, too, has an etheric body which reaches far beyond its own sphere, as far as the earth and beyond, all the way to the other planets. This is why sun and earth touch and are already united.

Human beings project rays which reach as far as the sun
And, as humans are built in the image of the universe, they too possess this subtle dimension of emanations from which they project rays which reach as far as the sun. In this way we can say that human beings, in their higher, sublime, divine dimension, actually live in the sun already. They are not aware of it, of course, because they only use their brain, and the brain is built to work within the limits of the physical world.

I know that what I am saying seems quite unbelievable to you, because the conceptions to which your minds are accustomed are so narrow and down-to-earth that they prevent you from understanding and accepting anything like this. And yet, these are truths which you must know and study.’

To be continued…

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

Extract from a lecture contained in
Complete Works Volume 10, The Splendour of Tiphareth
Chapter 3, Our Higher Self Dwells in the Sun

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