Man (the Microcosm) and the Universe

Macrocosm, Microcosm and God

‘From time immemorial philosophers have recognized in man a miniature universe. In the temples of antiquity he was portrayed as the key to the door of the Great King’s palace, because all that exists in the universe, whether it be energy or matter, exists to a lesser degree in man. So the universe is known as the macrocosm (the great world) and man as the microcosm (the small world.)

And ‘God’ is simply the name man has given to the sublime Spirit who created both worlds, the great and the small, who breathes life into them, maintaining them in existence. Created in order to live and develop, man, the microcosm, must necessarily maintain a permanent bond with Nature, the macrocosm. He must be constantly tuned in, a partner in a continuous relationship of exchange.

This exchange is what we call Life

It is this interaction, this symbiosis between man and Nature that we call Life. Life is nothing more than a ceaseless flow of give-and-take between man and Nature, and sickness and death follow if this flow is interrupted or obstructed. The food we eat and drink, the air we breathe, are God’s own life.

There is nothing in the whole cosmos that is not animated by the divine Spirit of God. All things created live and breathe. All things pulsate in communion with that boundless flow of life streaming from the Godhead, penetrating the furthest reaches of Creation, from the greatest star to the most minute particle of matter.

Why we fall ill

Health and sickness, beauty and ugliness, wealth and poverty, intelligence and stupidity, all are determined by the quality of our relationship with Nature.

For everything is nourishment, respiration, ceaseless interchange. When we eat we make an exchange in the physical world, our feelings and emotions are an exchange on the astral plane and when we use our minds it is an exchange on the mental plane.

Why do so many people suffer from obstructions of one kind or another in their bodies? Simply because they eat or breathe in such a way that the normal flow of exchange between themselves and Nature is obstructed and as a result they fall ill.’

To be continued…

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov,
Izvor Book 216, The Living Book of Nature
Chapter 1, The Living Book of Nature

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