Meeting our twin soul brings indescribable plenitude

Why does a man fall in love with one particular woman, generally to the exclusion of all other women? Because she reflects the other side of himself, the side he is missing. Human beings are polarized, and this polarization incites them to seek the opposite pole in a man, a woman, even in God. For, regardless of how it may appear, they are always looking for the other part of themselves.

Mystics claim they are seeking God, because God is what they are missing, the part they want to unite with and become one with in order to be a perfect, complete entity. Until then they suffer because they are disunited, torn apart. Consciously or unconsciously all beings seek one thing: their complementary principle, that which Initiatic Science calls the kindred soul, plenitude or fulfilment, peace, omniscience, omnipotence, God himself. Yes, all seek the same thing, the only difference being the form.

In the depths of our being we are marked with the seal of our twin soul
Humans were originally both male and female, androgynous beings, with both the negative and the positive poles within themselves. During the course of evolution, the two parts divided and separated. If they still recognize each other from time to time during their evolutions it is because each one still bears the image of the other within the depths of their being, each one is marked by the seal of the other.

It may be only a vague image, but it is nonetheless there. And each soul that comes on earth hopes to meet the complementary soul who will give them what they need: perfect harmony, perfect union. Inherently we all know this, we never stop thinking we will meet the beloved whose face we almost remember, whose image is inside us but so deeply buried, so unclear… sometimes we meet someone and think, ‘There she is, there he is, it is the face I love!’, convinced of the connection with our inner image.

Whether we are a man or a woman, we experience this plenitude
Each time you think you have found your other half, for a while life flows in and around you in a marvellous way, you seem to advance with astonishing rapidity, yet inevitably, after a more or less satisfying period of intimacy, you realize that he or she is not the one you were waiting for. Disappointed, disillusioned once again, you abandon him or her to resume your search.

Each time you feel the same joy, the same inspiration, but each time in the end it is always the same. This is true if you are a man and it is true if you are a woman. One day, the meeting of the two principles is bound to take place as it should… and you will know the most powerful love of all, the real love which can exist only between two principles.

Kindred souls bring a form of plenitude to each other which no one else can bring. All the people you met in all your incarnations, all the husbands and wives, lovers and mistresses who left you or whom you left, did so because they were not meant for you, you did not really belong to each other. You may have been together momentarily, but, like a square lid on a round pot, you did not fit.

To be continued…

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov,
Izvor Book 214, Hope for the World
Chapter 2, Reflections of the Two Principles

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