The Narrow Gate – do not be afraid…

There is a lesson to be drawn from the way in which a snake sheds its skin. A snake senses that a new skin has formed under the old one, so it searches for a crack or a small hole in the rocks, and works its way in. It must force itself to pass through the ‘narrow gate’, and this is difficult. But when it comes out of this narrow passage, the snake has a new skin, the old one having been rubbed off.

In the same way, each one of us must one day pass through the ‘narrow gate’ in order to shed our old skin, which means our old ideas, habits and ways of thinking. This moment will come for you as well. Of course, the transition will be difficult, but do not be troubled and do not be afraid. Rejoice in the fact that you will shed your old skin and become a new being with greater understanding, a more generous heart, and a way of living that can only bring blessings to others.

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