Nature Spirits – Part 4

“Some of these nature spirits are called ‘DEVAS’, and their special task is to care for plants. Wherever there is vegetation, there you will find devas. When the warmth and humidity of spring cause the tiny seeds in the soil to divide and sprout, they produce a sound, as though they were calling for help. The devas hear this sound and hurry to succour and nourish them, just as a mother flies to the rescue when she hears her baby crying.
At later stages of their growth, plants emit other sounds, and the nature spirits that take care of them are of a different category.

Devas are as highly specialized as the workers in certain kinds of factories; they know how to do only one thing. Some specialize in giving flowers their colours, others give them their geometrical shapes, others give them their vitality, and so on. A stupendous amount of work is constantly going on wherever there are trees and plants, even in your own houses.
When you have a vase of flowers or a bowl of fruit in your house, there are always some nature spirits that sense their presence and come to take care of them.

When you are walking out-of-doors, in the midst of nature, try to be aware of the presence of these devas. They are very advanced spirits, wholly at the service of the supreme intelligence that governs all things in nature and by whom they were created long before we existed. It is good to get in touch with them and talk to them and praise the beauty of their work. You will make them very happy if you do this; they will be your friends and will smile on you and give you all kinds of gifts: vitality, joy, poetic inspiration, even clairvoyance.”

When they see a human being who is capable of wonder, the spirits of nature whisper the secrets of their realm in his or her ear. if the gnomes see you looking at stones and crystals and admiring the beauty of their forms and colours, for instance, they make a note of it, and one day they will lead you to a gold mine or a secret store of precious stones. Do you think that only happens in fairytales? Perhaps so! think what you like, but the same is true of the spirits that watch over plants and animals. these beings are everywhere; your attitude is very obvious to them, and they can tell whether you are capable of wonder, and when they see that you are they are willing to be your friends. they say, ‘here is a true child of God; let’s teach them the language of nature.’2 little by little, they flock round you, and wherever you go you are accompanied and inspired, nourished and helped by sylphs and sometimes, even, salamanders.”

To be continued – The Spirits of Nature

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov – ‘The Fruits of the Tree of Life’, Vol. 32
The Spirits of Nature, Chap. 22, page 299

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