If I am prudent I shall never really love, Part 1/7

‘The whole world will tell you; ‘Be careful, be prudent, do not be too kind. It is very dangerous to be kind, because people take advantage of you and then criticize you.’ But where does that leave love, kindness and generosity? No, you must do what is right in the eyes of heaven; that is enough.

If I am prudent I shall never really love
If we always had to consider the spite, jealousies and monstrosities of others we would never do anything. There are always some who tell an initiate he should be prudent in the way he shows his love and his light, but what have they ever accomplished with all their prudence? They are often in trouble, and their prudence has never kept them free of trouble.

I have great admiration and respect for prudence, but I do not possess it. I have never worked with prudence; I am not prudent and, in fact, my love tells me that if I am prudent I shall never really love. And one must love! ‘But it is imprudent to love!’ It cannot be helped: if I love I am not being prudent, perhaps, but I am doing something divine.

The wickedness of others is no reason never to love
Human beings may be wicked, but that is no reason to be perpetually bitter and indignant and angry with them. Leave them alone! Their wickedness is no reason never to love anyone again, to shut oneself up in one’s misery. For in the final analysis, you are only hurting yourself when you do that.

Our negative attitude and thoughts affect others around us
I know that some of you will say, ‘I have the right to hurt myself as much as I want. I am not harming anyone else.’ But this only shows how little you understand about it. We are all connected to each other, and if you are sad, depressed and sombre, your state reflects on those around you, and you are responsible because you are propagating harmful waves and particles.

And, as the laws of fusion and osmosis are constantly in effect in all worlds, you run the risk of causing many others to become like you. In harming oneself, therefore, one is harming the whole world. Try and justify yourself, now! When we know the laws we are obliged to reason and behave differently.

Leave others alone and devote your energy to perfecting yourself
So, as I say, leave other people alone and devote all your energy to the work of perfecting yourself until you have achieved such splendour that they are annihilated by your perfection. Become luminous, therefore; so luminous that you can show yourself to others, and without your saying a single word they will understand that it is they who have gone astray.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

To be continued…

Complete Works Volume 18, Jnana Yoga Vol 2
Chapter 8, Love

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