Re-establish your link with the Divine Source

Every day, try to re-establish contact with the divine Source so that it may feed your own source, the one that flows within you. Allow this Source to descend first of all into your heart, through love. Whatever happens, whatever bitterness, disappointments or trials you experience, never stop loving, for it is in loving that your heart purifies itself. Then, allow this Source to descend into your intellect, as light. Thanks to this light, you will avoid obstacles and snares; you will discern which path to follow and will advance with confidence. When the divine Source penetrates your soul, it will cause it to expand to the far reaches of the universe. You will merge into the immensity, carrying all beings with you.

At last, when you have succeeded in allowing the Source to flow in your heart, your intellect and your soul, it will reunite with the primordial Source, which is your spirit, which is God himself. As a result, you will truly live the divine life, which is all powerful.

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  1. Francillon October 3, 2014 at 7:08 am - Reply

    God’s Love brings the fullfilment of the Life. Thank you !!

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