Science & Religion, Forms are a Prison, Part 6/7

– Forms are the perfect prison

Nations, countries and peoples, just like human beings, are born, grow up, get old and die, making way for others. They all follow the same pattern, giving the special gifts and treasures they have to give, and then fading away. It is as though they had to go away for a rest and, after a time, they will reappear and produce new treasures. History shows that this is the fate not only of nations but also of religions: a period of rapid growth leads to a profusion of spiritual fruits and widespread influence, but then it reaches a peak and, almost at once, begins to crystallize and lose the key to life.

Even the Mysteries, even the great temples of ancient Egypt which once possessed the keys of knowledge and power… where are they today? Where are all those hierophants? What has become of all that science? They have all had to submit to the unchanging laws of life.

Every form, that is to say, every object or living being born into this world, is obliged to die and make way for others. Only the spirit has no end, for it has no beginning; and the spirit incarnates continually in new forms. God has not given the gift of eternity to form; form is fragile and short-lived, it cannot withstand the assault of time. Only the principle, the spirit which belongs to the divine world, is indestructible and eternal.

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All those who give priority to principles belong to the Brotherhood. Not to the Brotherhood here, on earth, but to that great Universal White Brotherhood which includes all the most luminous creatures in the universe. The role of the Brotherhood in the world is simply to provide those perfect, sublime beings with the means and possibilities for action, so that the Kingdom of God may be established on earth. It is quite possible that they may not even know of our existence, but that does not matter.

It is laziness that makes people cling to forms. They have long since stopped working on the spiritual level so they take to strutting about decked out in forms. Look at many religious people of today: they have no desire to learn or to understand, they oppose any kind of change, in the belief that they are being faithful to their religion, whereas, in reality, they are only being faithful to forms elaborated by human beings.

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We must be faithful to God and not only to men. If you insist on being faithful to men, that is your own business. For what were they, all those people who ruled the Church for so many hundreds of years? As often as not they were no different from all the others – when they were not actually criminals! And if one of them manifested a higher degree of understanding they were immediately criticized and persecuted. Look at history and you will see for yourselves: Many of those who attempted to introduce reforms were rejected, excommunicated and burnt! And so the old forms remained!

But all forms can do is imprison human beings. Yes, forms are the perfect prison: if you are a prisoner of forms you can never escape.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov,
Izvor Book 206, A Philosophy of Universality
Complete Works Vol. 25, A New Dawn: Society and Politics in the Light of Initiatic Science

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