Spiritual love is not for everybody

Never repress love
Remember what I told you about sacrifice: that it is very dangerous to give up an object, a habit or a desire without putting something else in its place. This is why you must never repress love, you must simply replace the thing you love with something new, something nobler and more luminous.

Let me give you an example: a man falls in love with a woman and feels that he cannot live without her. But she is not free; or perhaps it is he who is not free, he already has a wife; so they cannot live together without causing terrible problems to their two families. How can he conquer his longing for this woman? With the help of all women: instead of limiting himself to one woman, he must learn to love in his heart and soul all the women in the world. If he does this he will be so busy that he won’t have time to chase after one of them—and that is how all the women of the world will save him.

And, of course, the method is equally valid for a woman. You must learn to broaden the scope of your consciousness otherwise you will be forever torn apart and in conflict with yourself. And suppose you have lost the one you loved—either because he abandoned you or because he is dead—you must replace him, but not with another human being, for if you do that you will simply run the risk of losing the second one too: you must replace him by a great love for a celestial, divine reality. If you do this, then you will recapture inner peace and harmony, because the void within you will have been filled.

Think very lucidly, it has not been given to all human beings to do this
Naturally, although it is to be hoped that everyone make an effort in this area, it has not been given to all human beings to attain perfect mastery of their sexual energies in order to experience a higher form of love. Before launching into such an enterprise, therefore, it is important to think about it very lucidly and, above all, to know oneself thoroughly. If you feel that you still need the physical pleasures too much, then you would do better not to deprive yourself of them all at once, otherwise you will be worse off than before.

But if you are already highly evolved, and if you feel the need to experience a subtler, more spiritual way of life and to see and understand the marvels of the divine world and help other human beings with your love, then you are ready to choose this path.

It is not for everyone
But, I repeat: it is not for everyone. I certainly don’t advise it for those who are not ready, because I know how many aberrations are possible in this area. Suppose that one marriage partner decided he or she wanted to live a more spiritual form of love whereas the other could not do without the physical pleasure: the situation could well become tragic.

And in that case, of course, I know whose fault it would be: mine. I realize that I am running a risk in talking to you as I do about this, but I have to do it because I have to help those who are ready and anxious to evolve. But I know very well that there is a danger that I may be misunderstood and arouse hostility in some.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

Izvor book 221, True Alchemy or the Quest for Perfection
Chapter 13, The sublimation of sexual energy

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