Spring – Red and White in Nature, Part 2/2 – Final

…”Why do you suppose that the feast of the Resurrection was celebrated in the spring? Yes, Easter is also an alchemical symbol. In spring, Nature is vibrant with renewed vitality, everything rises from the dead, and the sages of old who pored over the laws of Nature found that the same phenomena must occur in man. For the sun and moon and the vegetable kingdom are also present in man, and in man, too, everything can be transformed and brought back to life – sometimes much more rapidly than in Nature.

Every day the organs of your physical body are busy transforming quantities of matter into gold and silver, that is to say, into red and white corpuscles in your blood. And they find this raw material in Nature in four different forms or states: fire, air, water and earth. When you take in light, air, water and solid food, you are manufacturing gold inside your body. The very fact that you are able to move about, talk and work is proof enough of this. And if you are capable of maintaining and prolonging your own life this way, it means that, in a way, you too are alchemists.

It is entirely up to you to persuade the sun to open and shower you with his treasures. The more intensely loving your gaze, the richer the harvest you will reap of particles of gold in the form of light, wonderment, joy, peace, health, activity and strength. If the alchemists sometimes called the raw material they used ‘iron’, it is an indication that it was capable of generating great force and dynamic energy.

On the first day of spring, if the soul abandons herself to the divine Spirit she will be impregnated, but if she refuses to surrender herself to him, nothing will happen and she will remain barren. In the spring the earth lays herself open to the rays of the sun, but this same cosmic process of fecundation is enacted in all spheres.

The Holy Spirit, too, invites you to lay yourselves open to him in order to receive his gifts of wisdom and love, for the Spirit of God can impregnate your souls just as the sun impregnates the earth. It is not easy, however, to attract the Holy Spirit. If a man is insensible to that joy of Nature pulsating with life all around him, if he does not feel the rays of the spiritual sun penetrating his soul just as the physical sun penetrates the earth, it is because he has still not understood the meaning of spring.”
Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov,
Izvor Book 216, The Living Book of Nature


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