The Sun as a Model, Part 6/7

Capitalism and communism are both necessary and indispensable; Nature herself endorses both tendencies. A child who grabs everything for himself is a capitalist and an old man who distributes his possessions before leaving for the next world is a true communist: he keeps nothing for himself. Between these two extremes are all kinds of people who truly belong to neither category: capitalists who are not real capitalists and communists who are not true communists.

The ideal situation is to be both at once, that is to say, to receive, earn and be enriched by all the splendours of Heaven and, then, to distribute them to one’s fellow human beings. You must be a capitalist by amassing the things of Heaven, therefore, and a communist by distributing them on earth. This is perfection! But if you are only a communist or only a capitalist, you are lost, for that is too narrow, too restricted.

I have searched the Sacred Scriptures of all religions and found many noble, pure and luminous figures in them, but I have never found one to compare with the sun for light, love, generosity and perfection.

The sun is the only being that expresses on earth the greatness of God, and it is the sun that I have chosen as my model. I love and respect all the others but I find that they all have their limits. If human beings are always so weak, lack-lustre, vindictive and forlorn, it is because their ideal is not something infinite.
Their ambition is to be like their uncle or their neighbour or a noted politician or billionaire. What sorry models! Look at the disease and disorder of their lives! Whereas the sun …nothing can be compared to the sun and, however strange you find it, I have adopted it as my model.

5 janv love coeur ciel

If you take the sun as your model, little by little, your intellect will receive its light, your heart its warmth and your spirit its power. And, above all, you will give and give, as the sun gives. The guiding rule with human beings is to take; this is how they are brought up and the whole of contemporary civilization is marked by this need to take. It is the only word people understand.

The only school that teaches people to give is the school of the sun. All the planets take. Only the sun gives and this is why we have to enrol in his school. He is the only one who really knows how to give; when we see this, how is it possible not to love him?
We always love and are drawn to those who are capable of giving something good. Whereas, with those who are only capable of taking …Well, we soon learn to avoid them. Why do some people imagine that they can go on taking from others for ever? The others soon see what they are doing and leave them strictly alone. So think about this, and you will see that it is to your advantage to cultivate a tendency to give.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov
A New Dawn: Society and Politics in the Light of Initiatic Science Vol.25
Communism & Capitalism, Chap.4


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