Link yourself to the Great Masters, Part 3/3 Final

What is our relationship with those who are more advanced than ourselves? When we are travelling on a strange road, we feel safer and less lonely if we are with friends whose presence sustains and encourages us. It is reassuring to know that others are treading the same path and experiencing the same difficulties.

Similarly, in a Brotherhood, we feel an increase of strength, faith and light; we benefit from the help and support and protection of others. And what of the relationship between ourselves and those who are less advanced? One day, thanks to them, we shall be blessed with quantities of friends. Suppose you have some pet kittens: one day, in a future incarnation, they will become lovely young women! And you, who may well be Angels by then, will visit them and make friends with them!

One day you will see how many blessings are showered on you, thanks to the presence of the Brotherhood! You will continually feel yourselves becoming happier and stronger. The Brotherhood will be like a magnetic chain, a channel along which a stream of living water will flow for the nourishment of all creatures. All the sorrow, sadness and misfortunes we experience come from our being cut off from this living chain.

This is why it is so important to devote at least a few minutes every day to thinking of this chain; from now on, try not to let a day go by without renewing this link. In this way you will be attuning yourselves to the harmonious vibrations of the Universal White Brotherhood, and all that the Initiates experience, their freedom, their ecstasies and raptures, all the gems and riches they possess, will be communicated to you.

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For the Initiates and great Masters have no desire to keep these treasures to themselves, their one idea is to share them, at once, with others; if we are not receiving them it is because we are not part of that chain, or because we have not made ourselves ready to receive them.

Every day, when a person wakes up in the morning, those who are linked to this chain find a gift waiting for them and, on opening it, they find guidance, nourishment and treasures of all kinds. They can get up and go to work happy and confident because they have received these gifts.

And those who wake up in the morning and find no gifts waiting for them, are unhappy: but it is their choice. It is because they do not subscribe to the ‘morning paper’ in which the invisible world publishes the guidance, warnings and encouragements each one of us needs. If you want to know happiness, joy and light, you must subscribe to this newspaper, and this means that you must pay something.

Ah, that is something that is very hard to accept, isn’t it? As soon as there is any mention of payment, everyone turns and runs! If something can be had for nothing, that is another matter; people come flocking! But if they have to pay, things are suddenly much more difficult! But this is precisely one of the things we have to learn: exactly the same principles apply in the invisible world as here, on earth. The only difference is that, instead of paying with money, we have to pay with thoughts of trust, patience, humility, love and hope.


Personally, I do not claim to be a Master. For the time being I am simply teaching you what I have seen and heard from my own Master and what I have learned for myself in the twenty years spent at his side. And I never talk to you about something that I have not experimented with and verified for myself. It is always possible to help, enlighten and love others, as long as one does so on one’s own level.

Start today encouraging within yourself those thoughts of trust, patience, humility love and hope; it is not necessary to wait for centuries to evolve before you start doing this.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
Complete Works, Vol. 1, The Second Birth, Love, Wisdom, Truth
Chapter 8

This lecture was given in 1938. It was only in 1960, after his return from India, that Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov yielded to his disciples’ insistence and allowed them to address him as Master.

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  1. Sam March 4, 2016 at 7:35 pm - Reply

    Thank you for this 3 part extract from the Master about Masters – he seemed to be so humble and genuine in his teachings, allowing his words to ring true to ones soul.
    I was wondering before about the reincarnation of animals, evolving into humans, so was very interested to read here the mention of kittens becoming ladies one day. Could you refer me to any other of the Master’s teachings that talk more on this?

  2. Sam March 6, 2016 at 8:19 pm - Reply

    Many thanks for posting this extract – it offers a lovely new perspective on this topic for me….:-)

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