Our twin soul must first be found within

If you have inner beauty, you will see it everywhere
If you are not sufficiently developed, if you do not have beauty inside, then you will not see beauty around you nor even recognize its existence! If you have inner beauty, you will see it everywhere, because the outer world is a reflection of the inner world.


Hence it is useless to seek anything you have not already found within. Once you find your twin soul through prayer and meditation and contemplation, you will find it everywhere, in people’s faces, in lakes and mountains, in sunlight and in the singing of birds. This truth is an important one especially for those who are thinking of marriage, and want to avoid a disaster.

Live night and day in rapture, in beauty and in ecstasy
A man who has found the feminine principle inside himself and a woman who has the masculine principle in her, will both want to work for their inner principles, in which case they should marry, their love will be a source of joy forever! I repeat, a woman should see the man she loves as God’s representative on earth, and a man should see the divine Mother in his beloved and treat her accordingly.

All the treasures of heaven will be available to such a couple, they will live night and day in rapture, in beauty and ecstasy, there will be no disillusion, no complaining, no distaste. They will never find, as so many do, that their partner, far from knowing their soul and spirit, knows only the outer shell, the clothing, the superficial aspect… which is apt to happen to those who refuse to learn ahead of time from Initiatic Science: they refuse the truth, and they break their necks. Humans are their own worst enemies when they spurn the Light which can open their eyes and show them the way.

Marriage was originally a cosmic phenomenon, between the heavenly Father and the divine Mother
Long before it became a human institution or religious sacrament, marriage existed in nature. For marriage is really a cosmic phenomenon which took place originally in the sublime world between the heavenly Father and the divine Mother. The true marriage is the marriage of spirit and matter, and the result is creation.

Unless spirit is one with matter, matter remains formless, it is the spirit that gives matter its form and shape. And, everything being a reflection from above, you see the same phenomenon with man and woman: man (or spirit) shapes woman (or matter).

Marriage between spirit and matter always involves sacrifice
But spirit and matter remain two opposite poles, otherwise manifestation would be impossible, the spirit would return to its source and matter would be lifeless as a pile of dust.

Naturally the marriage between spirit and matter always involves sacrifice: the spirit must accept to limit itself in order to animate matter, and matter must submit to the spirit in order to bear its children.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov,
Izvor Book 214, Hope for the World
Chapter 2, Reflections of the Two Principles

Image: courtesy Josephine Wall

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