Where to find the Magical Element

Never forget this, each time you achieve something, stop and ask yourself what is decreasing at the same time. For instance, if you spend your time increasing your wealth, you might wonder if your health is not decreasing. Take what I am giving you today and keep it in mind for the rest of your life. Stay on this path, keep on in the same direction, then everything will be beautiful, then you will be happy.

A wife who tells her husband, ‘Darling, how handsome you are! Never have I seen anyone so attractive!’ is using the form of philosophy that transforms everything. But if you use the other, negative philosophy, you will have to grope around unhappily for a long time, believe me.

Where to find the magical element
Of course you won’t be able to find the needed element right away, but the fact of reaching out for it already improves things, and you will be surprised to find yourself surrounded with Angels and Archangels and divinities. Only you must always keep going towards the top of the pyramid. You ask, ‘What is the element called?’ It has no name, this subtle substance can only be found in the Sephira Kether at the very top of the Tree of Life.

Those who have found it were able to transform their bodies to the point of radiating light, projecting particles of light wherever they went. It is the explanation of the phenomenon of the Transfiguration, when Jesus appeared before three of his disciples shining with light. Although they were speechless with wonder and enraptured at what they saw, they had no idea what created the phenomenon, it was this element.

The Sephirotic Tree

Kether and Binah are at the top, (Sephiroth 1 and 3)

The element is imponderable and extremely subtle but it is nevertheless matter. Few initiates or masters have ever reached Kether, few have ever obtained the element, for Kether is a world beyond dimension, beyond knowing, where the heavenly Father, the Creator of all worlds, lives.

St John was one of the few to reach Kether
Few have reached Kether because of the unbearable intensity of its vibrations, the rare beings who lived to return were able to do so only because of the special grace from heaven which protects the physical body.

The Book of Revelation in which St. John describes his visions, reveals that he was one of the few to reach Kether. An Angel handed him a little book saying, ‘Take it, and eat; it will be bitter to your stomach, but sweet as honey in your mouth.’ This little book found in the Sephira Binah, is the symbol of the element that preserves and protects the physical body. The Prophet Ezekiel also refers to a book given him by an Angel to eat.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
Sèvres, 16th January, 1972

Complete Works Volume 7. The Mysteries of Yesod – Foundations of the Spiritual Life 
The Mysteries of Yesod – Foundations of the Spiritual Life

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